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Samsung is doooom
CM11 has privacy guard.  Allows you to turn off any or all permission for an app at a deeper level than ios
  iphone does not have the best battery life anymore.   
LOL. He will do a corrections without notification. Wait and see.
iphone 5s is 78 samsung s5 is 100
He said it back when the 4s came out.  1. There will be no iphone 52. Any bigger screen than the 4s will suck http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/133483/apple-unveils-iphone-4s-with-a5-cpu-and-4g-like-data-speeds/120#post_1956535
3.5" was the best size. Apple did research and told us it was the optimal size. 4" is their phablet category.  Do iphone 5 and 5s not understand that? No one wants a bigger size.
or when you make shitty adapters 
I have Verizon. Show me a cdma and LTE phone that works on it's network for $159.
Samsung out grew Apple according to the same report112% vs 83%  Why focus on Samsung. The LG G3 is the phone to get.  LG also out grew Samsung. 
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