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Easily. ITS DED
cause thats when things break down. Duh
Newer computers actually run cooler due to process change and require less voltage. nehalem < Sandybridge < ivybridge
ups? Fedex ftw
its the 7 version of the arm instruction set. next version will contain 64 bit instruction set. Dont expect to see a v8 until late next year.
Blame goes to apple, not Intel. Try to get the same power per watt performance wont even get some of those fans running on modern gpu
Everything. Read.
http://www.pcworld.com/article/25136...mb_to_4gb.html Should have at least match 4GB
I understood what you were saying. I was just hoping apple went with the S4. BTW Ti doesnt make the S4. Qualcomm does. Ti makes omap
Krait cpu the a5x is not. Imagine a quad core krait cpu. Wait that's S4 Pro.
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