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Anyone amazed that Nokia sold over 400 million mobile devices. Almost 1 in 4 phones sold was a nokia
egos may not
Cause profiting indicates how much they charge you over their cost. duh
You go android if you want that. Apple will tell you what you like. Apple is mother. Apple is Father.
No no no. There are always holes in the wall. Gotta keep plugging the holes and raising the wall
apple doombtw 95 is 8.1 mm thicker than 86.9. Damn those are think ipad 2 and 3's
death bed while the iphone 4s was announced
The tool you linked is used for corp policy which is not what I wanted. I wanted something to make the ipad easy to use for multiple users as I stated more like for multiple users
never said it was for a corporate environment . You went there with corporate environment
more like for multiple users not to adhere to corp policy
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