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Google does sell the data to other advertising firms. They are the advertising company. Maybe all those Viagra and birth control ads will go away.
You dont buy anything from google. They sell you. Using an iphone you are using google search. Siri uses google. Your map program uses google. Heck this site uses google for ads.
real hd
I dont. I know people who do including my wife. She went from an iphone 4 to a Samsung Galaxy SII. She likes it and has been happy with it. Both phones have their strengths and weakness
Link to slappy ban?
Profit does not make a good product. Profit makes a good stock. Disclosure: in at $30's
Would make sense apple uses samsung. They were awarded best manufacture.
Anyone amazed that Nokia sold over 400 million mobile devices. Almost 1 in 4 phones sold was a nokia
egos may not
Cause profiting indicates how much they charge you over their cost. duh
New Posts  All Forums: