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The argument was messages sent from google voice still sms even going through ip. You used the example of printing email and send usps and I replied it would be if usps then retyped that email and send it I received in my email in box. No argument from you cause your exampled failed. You then tried to argue that sms had a certain protocol which made it sms with 160 character limits and that messages translated wasnt sms anymore. I explained that sms uses a few different...
its a standard that should have been fixed
Like the PATH Fisaco. Burn google, burn apple. Whats left? RIM, windows 7, meego, symbian, bada, and webos
Its like the PATH fiasco. Its fun to be part of the mob. More fun to be against it as well.
Winner. Legal standard no one reads
Ive been arguing your statement that sms fails to be sms once it gets translated which is utterly false
gotta keep this story alive among the many ai has released even though we dont talk about it cause its a rumor
Here you go again adding another augmentative point that you no one stated but you. "when you receive it as an email is axiomatically false" No one went there. You only get it as an email from google voice if you have settings forwarded to your email. You can have google voice forward that sms to a dumb phone via sms. Dont get hung up on the last mile part of sms. There many forms of sms that require different protocols when using plmn or pstn.
You've stated many many things. Mainly argumentative things that you have stated. I never argued google voice did not do any translation. Argument was google voice message considered sms which it is. You argue it isnt sms.
I believe that is your argument you are trying to argue against which is a fail. Printed emails via usps and iMessage.That fact that you can send and receive sms from google voice to a dumb phone that does not require data service clearly shows that google voice does a translation to make it compliant to send that message using sms protocol
New Posts  All Forums: