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 This. But its a DED "feature" lol
Only in people in this forum does. Everyone knows apple is here to stay one way or another.
Overstocked. Must get rid of surplus. No one is buying.
No impact at all
Got but but but crap. Let's see who be will be the doom doom douche.
You have your logic backwards. Closer you are to the screen, the better you can tell the quality.  
Its not automatically done when already being navigated using a particular route, however if you search for alternative routes, those are based on real time (somewhat) traffic estimates.
    If you look at 1 year growth and YTD   Apple vs Microsoft -21.10% vs 5.07% 1 year -6.46% vs 18.8% YTD
    Current Apple vs Microsoft score 16012.87 vs 31993.25  
New Posts  All Forums: