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Good read. Best explanation by far. Sadly ebook prices still increased overall.
Story is a day late.
IDC is quoted by Tim Cook. So I call BS on your BS
read post #61 
You lose when you link to any DED articles. It is pointless.   Both companies made lots of money last quarter. 
2013Q2   Apple: 6.9 Billion Samsung 6.98 Billion
Tim Cook sites IDC
Still have my PIII running windows xp used to play movies on the TV along with an IBM (not lenovo) centrino laptop to do the same on another tv
LOL another "feature"
LOL. I can agree DED laboriously research his articles but to skew the truths and out right lies vs doing unbiased articles. I see in his other article trying to "debunk" Strategy Analytics recent statement he uses OPERA usage statistics to show ipad and iphone in the lead. I'm not saying opera is bad, but no one uses it.             
New Posts  All Forums: