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Competition would call it copying. They had it years ago.
Simple. To be hypocritical.
Editing your own articles without a disclaimer or statement that you secretly change things on the article to hide your mistakes shows the lack of your integrity 
Author will also make changes with no disclaimer or update statement.
Lojack will recover stolen phone or pay out up to $1000. It cuts into carrier insurance business of $10/month
 Author of article explains it all.
AAPL = 16072.95%MSFT = 37619.25% 
It's a DED feature so it has the same amount of errors normally. 
DED article shows a massive issue with numbers and the errors are present in all versions from "iPhone, a Macintosh, or even the beta version of iWork for iCloud accessible via a web browser".   Here are a list of errors 1. List Car twice in pie chart 2. Omits Surf Rentals 3. Car percentage wrong (yellow slice) 4. Food percentage wrong (orange slice) 5. Drive Rentals percentage wrong (red slice) 6. Car (again. assume to be Surf rentals) percentage wrong  (purple...
New Posts  All Forums: