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There's a big difference... Apple's website was originally designed to sell Apple's products. They chose to add 3rd party products in service to their customers. Both the website and retail stores are company outlets for direct sales - both are designed to sell their own products. Amazon started out as a general goods shopping site and later decided to build and sell their own devices. And now, ban sales of devices that aren't in service to their own gains.
That's not even remotely the same thing. Amazon is banning products that compete with their own. It is the same thing as Google giving their services top billing in search results. Or Microsoft forcing people to use Internet Explorer. Yes, it's Amazon's store, Google's search engine, and Microsoft's operating system, but these are entities that grew to monopoly positions in their respective markets by being "open". And it seems once they grabbed a majority share, they...
Seems it hasn't made its way through all of Apple's servers. It's not showing up for me yet either - as an update or on the main App Store page.
 That's not up to Apple. Those articles that require you to follow through to the site are just RSS blurbs. It's up to the site developer to push the entire article out.  Back on topic... I just got around upgrading to 9.0.1 not more than an hour ago! 10.11 must be on its way out the "door"... just received an update for Safari 9.0 as well.
 You do realize that ONLY Apple has been called out for this even though Apple is not the only company that is a client of Foxconn. Furthermore, Apple DID NOT change their policies afterwards, they've always had the same policies in place, Steve Jobs just never made it public as Tim Cook has done. Apple has been doing carbon footprint, supplier responsibility reports for YEARS, most never knew or heard of them because no one really gave a crap - that is until some moron...
There's no reason 4k video can't be down sampled and then sent out as a 1080p stream. This is digital content we're talking about. The A8 is more than capable of doing this in real-time.
That horse is dead, stop beating it. There are other models with more storage. Obviously if someone plans on shooting a lot of 4k video, they are not going to buy the 16GB model. 
 It's not clicks... it's about impressions.. that is to say, how many times the ad is made visible... clicking on an ad is worth an order of magnitude more money.
Marco's about face means a lot... I will no longer support sites that use the very simple and elegant ad company The Deck.   The great (and worst) thing about the internet is that everything gets regurgitated over and over again, and no single blog or site is worth anything anymore. Marco just shot another hole.
 I'm assuming that option only appears when you download a blocker from the App Store. As of 3:30 EST, Apple has not released any to the App Store yet. :-/
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