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 The A8 is fabricated by TSMC and the DRAM by Hynix and Elpida. So, as I stated earlier... no Samsung parts
No Samsung parts...   Ouch! That's gotta hurt.   No wonder Samsung's ad campaign has picked up - not only are they going to lose phone sales, they lost component sales as well. These new iPhones are a lose-lose for Samsung
 He had to accessorize with his new watch.
AppleTV update took 5 minutes to download...   iPhone 5 update now says 7 hours remaining! :-(     Update...   Must've been a slow link? I shut down the iPhone in the middle of the download. After it rebooted, it resumed downloading using a much faster link, now it says 4 minutes remaining.   The AppleTV is still "Preparing update..."
 1:00PM PDT
 I kept all my iPhones in my back pocket since the original, and I've never had a problem of easily cracking the screen when it's dropped. If you're noticing more cracked screens with women, it's more likely that they have smaller hands making it more difficult to hold onto their phones, increasing the odds of it being dropped.
I use my phone one-handed about 75% of the time... Having not held and tested the new iPhone 6, I can't say that the larger size is going to be noticeable. However, the move from a 3.5" to a 4" display was (and still is) noticeable. Although, I will say the addition of the "swipe from left" to go back in iOS 7 helped in usability, as the that top-left most button is the hardest to reach, so maybe the new "Reachability" feature in iOS 8 will further help in that...
 That's not true. Developers do not have access to the scanner. Apple simply added TouchID to their Keychain service. So once a developer uses the Keychain to store passwords, it will allow their users to authenticate using TouchID.
  It's hardly "measly". It is a huge improvement in efficiency and that's what Apple's goal is here. More than likely it has also been been designed to be much more scalable in clock speed, which we may see in the next iPads. This will be the major differentiator between the iPad mini and the iPhone 6 Plus. The mini has a much larger footprint and therefor can hold a larger battery able to support an A8 running at a much higher clock speed. With the iPhone 6 Plus out,...
 Exactly, it's a method of consoling those who might begin to feel buyer's remorse. Since they can't keep customers by making products they want to use, they try to make them feel better in other ways. This is where these commercials, the BOGO offers, gimmicky features, etc. come into play. Apple's commercials attempt to show how their products enrich the lives of their users. Samsung's commercials are just rude attempts at demonstrating how their users are better off by...
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