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 Purely on tech specs, The Samsung S5 has a fingerprint scanner, just as the iPhone 5s does... do they provide the same experience? As someone else has posted, you cannot compare battery drain without taking into consideration radio signals, which have to "power up" when the signal is weak. If you have Bluetooth, WiFi, and cell radios all on and any one of them is struggling to maintain a connection, then your battery will drain much faster.
 iTunes Extras worked on the original AppleTV... as of the 2nd generation, they dropped support for some reason. So glad it's coming back.
 We actually see Apple beginning to use lower-powered and much cheaper Intel CPUs for their low-end systems driving the cost and prices down. The CPUs used in these systems are more than adequate for casual computing use.    I honestly don't think Apple would've stayed with PPC. I think Apple (Steve Jobs) realized that they needed an "in" to the enterprise and switching to Intel was the path with the least obstacles. Regardless of how they compare to ARM, Intel CPUs have...
I think we'll see two versions of the A8, dual-core (A8) and quad-core (A8X). Quad-core processors in an iPhone are just not necessary when iOS makes so much use of other processors, including the GPU and ISP. iOS7+A7 proves that a dual-core system is still an extremely viable option.   However, with Apple positioning the iPad in the enterprise, we will more than likely see a quad-core A8 that will run circles around anything competitors, including Intel, will be able to...
 I believe Apple has a patent for just that. It would constantly charge your wireless mouse, keyboard, and any other compatible devices within its proximity. http://www.patentlyapple.com/patently-apple/2013/12/apple-wins-patents-for-wireless-charging-system-new-mac-pro.html
Ummm, I charge my iPhone once very day (sometimes every two days).   In fact, at work I get asked by a lot more people if we have a charger for their "big-ass" Samsung phone.
 If you don't care... why'd you bother reading the article? Some of us are actually interested in this stuff and enjoy reading about it, particularly since it demonstrates that Apple is still interested in the material and that we may still see a product made from it.
 I think... The line up will be (prices are with 2yr contract / and without)... iPhone 6: 4.7" (A8, 32GB) $299 / $750iPhone 6: 4" (A8, 32GB) $199 / $650iPhone 6c: 4.7" (A7, 16GB) $199 / $650iPhone 6c: 4" (A7, 16GB) $99 / $550iPhone 5c: 4" (A6, 8GB) $0 / $350 Yes, I'm going to will the 5.5" iPhone out of existence, even though it doesn't really exist yet. ;-)
I'm of the opinion that when it comes to mobile devices, mobility is key, so a smaller device is better than carrying around a larger device. I like to keep my phone in my back pocket, the current iPhone is about as large as I'd ever want to go (maybe even slightly larger - although I do miss the 3.5" models). However I know a lot of people who do not keep their phones in their pocket, they set them on the bar or table or just hold it in their hands, so I can see that a...
 It is REALLY, REALLY hard to guess how many devices are out there... Just trying to guess how many devices are supported by iOS 7 is daunting... But I'd say they probably sold some 600 million devices so far that are compatible with iOS 7, so it can be safely assumed a vast majority of these devices are still in use. That number does not include those devices that aren't compatible with iOS 7 but are probably still in use. (I still use my iPad 1st Gen. on a daily basis)....
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