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Of course Google is going to give everyone free everything on the internet. Thats their business model. The more space and stuff they give you, the more you're giving them. It's in their best interest to provide as much as possible for "free".   I agree that Apple needs to step up their somewhat pitiful offerings, especially since they've been pushing iCloud integration so hard these passed couple of years. Apple is still at the beginning of building out their data...
It's obvious what happened...   Apple offered to buy Tesla, Elon declined. Instead Elon talked Tim into starting their own EV program - for a lot less money.   Was it a coincidence that a few months after the meeting between the two companies, Elon decided to give away all of Tesla's patents and IP? With that research, Apple (and anyone else) will not need to start from the beginning. They get a huge jump forward in developing their own car. Elon is more interested in...
Or more like - We lost a lot of money, we're still losing money, now we're losing talent - time to sue.
 Anti-poaching agreements are legal between companies that have teams working together. This is a way to ensure each doesn't lose their "talent" to the other should the arrangement not work out. I can only guess that at one time Apple and this company were working together on something and after that arrangement ended, Apple started plucking specific employees, and broke that agreement. I do agree, there is something here that Apple seems desperate to have. Wouldn't...
Just as a side note... Do you know how many people buy sh!t just because they saw some model wear it in a fashion magazine!? I think Apple is being extremely smart with the marketing and will sell a ton of these devices. That watch does not look out of place at all.
 Because of several key hires Apple has made over the years, there was a lot of speculation that Apple's "wearable" would come chock-full-of-sensors. It didn't. There was an article that reasoned, Apple wasn't satisfied with the performance of a lot of the sensors and decided to leave them out. That is also speculation, because no one really knows Apple's intentions or plans, except Apple.
I believe the watch has Apple's M8 which tracks and saves motion information - once your phone is back in range, that info can be uploaded.
 First of all you don't have to be hardwired into your iPhone. Bluetooth range can be as high as 100m. Second, you don't need to be connected to your iPhone for everything to work, at the moment, it's needed for network connectivity and 3rd party apps. 3rd party app restriction will supposedly be lifted sometime after this years WWDC.
Apple switched to this model in the mid-90's when they needed to cut costs. Prior to then, Apple built all their own computers/products. It's safe to say Apple is not in financial trouble anymore. They could return to building their own products where scale isn't a concern - just as they've done with the Mac Pro.
 Phones weren't not a growth industry, but smart phones were... Cars are not a growth industry, but electric cars are.
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