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I'm pretty sure are those are devices mainly in China and the stats are from one single analytics platform that is probably popular among developers of jailbroken apps.
 Huh? Which part of "military, diplomats and executives" did you miss? Diplomats were used as the example because a few were mentioned in one of the articles relating to this issue.
No... whatever app your using is sandboxed from the rest of the system. The security of the communications between that app and its server are completely separated from iOS.
A tool's perceived limitation is the product of the user's lack of imagination.
 The only time it makes sense to collect and build data on individuals is when the individual is the intended target. Most IT/enterprise analytics are based around the crowd. They want to know where to concentrate their efforts, whatever that may be. You are merely an anonymous data point in a pool of many. And of course we're given an opportunity not to participate - don't fill out any customers surveys, don't get a loyalty card, read EULA before signing up to some...
The Enterprise IS the customer with these solutions. The intended end users are professionals. This initiative is IBM's push to consolidate what is probably a massively disparate custom solutions and support service. Most of these services are available across a wide range of devices, more than likely implemented via web apps or even custom apps for multiple devices. There's a lot of value and savings if they're able to get a lot of their clients to adopt the same platform...
No. Bluetooth latency is lower than the reaction time of even the most nimble and dexterous human, so I seriously doubt that'll be an issue. There is absolutely no perceivable lag when using my Bluetooth mouse or keyboard. This game pad is just another input device, so you should get similar results. Latency comes into play when you need extremely high precision timing; within microseconds.
Neither of those are proprietary Apple technologies. Apple's part in all of this was getting banks, merchants, and transaction processors updated to support new protocol standards that are much more secure. It won't be long before other payment system make use of it. But even then, Apple still has several advantages; Touch ID, ease of use, and privacy. Apple is not looking to take over mobile payments, they're simply looking to increase the value of their devices by...
If he's a gay man running the world's most valuable publicly held company, he's obligated to take a stand and speak his mind on an issue that not only affects him but millions of others. Especially if we're talking about human rights of equality. Why? It dismisses misconceptions of what it means to be "gay" and breaks down barriers for others. And I would hardly call it a "distraction". He's not on tour promoting himself. His public speeches are during moments when he's...
Middle Eastern religious views and laws pertain only to those who are of their faith, not outsiders. This is why they don't have a problem when dealing with "western" women. Of course every "group" or has radicals and extremists, but they're usually not in charge of corporations.
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