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 Well in this context they're speaking of the operating system, not platform, so it is valid. However, I would never trust their statistics.
 You are joking, right? The commercials are about people who use Apple products in creative and productive ways... They're not about Apple using their own products to make commercials.
 Of course it makes sense. It helps keep iPhone market share numbers down. By releasing their own flagship device, their "sales" numbers are inflated along with (but not nearly as much) as the iPhone's share of the market. If they didn't release a new model in time with Apple's, iPhone share numbers would go through roof pushing everyone else down. Samsung's only game left is to make sure their unit "sales" numbers consistently remain higher than Apple's otherwise they'll...
 Uh. Wasn't a success!? What the hell are you talking about? In less than a year it's become the second largest streaming service. Please don't say it because they couldn't catch up to Pandora... Pandora is available on other platforms, so there's no way iTunes Radio will ever reach the same numbers.
Uh, does anyone here think that Apple would've worked with GT Advanced to iron out all possible issues before spending half a billion dollars to equip two enormous sapphire plants? Sorry, but there is absolutely no way they would've even considered moving to such a massive production scale without making sure everything was in working order.
 I agree! WTF! A rumor about rumored production of a rumored device. The only thing that boggles my mind... all the "leaks" of the rumored iPhone 6, yet not a single leak of this supposed "iWatch". How exactly is that possible? So either the iPhone 6 leaks are fake or the rumored "iWatch" is just... wishful thinking.
 They are not owned by Apple - the acquisition is still in progress. And that's not even why people are up in arms about it. It's odd that after all these years of being on the market, Bose has just NOW decided to sue Beats. Timing seems a little peculiar, don't you think? Although I tend to think that Bose is attempting to drag Beats in court before the acquisition finalizes. They might fear that once Apple owns Beats, there won't be such a clear cut path to litigation,...
 They're suing before Beats falls under the Apple umbrella and probably protected from any litigation. Apple has many patents related to noise cancellation (44). By suing now, Beats won't be able to claim any Apple IP.
 I think he's more or less referring to those people that install it thinking everything is going to work, without really understanding what a beta is. Happens all the time. They come on here pissed off that's something's not working the way it did before.
 To be extra, extra safe... after you have everything setup... Boot in to Yosemite and create a simple Text Edit file. Edit it a few times. Then boot back in to Mavericks and make sure Mavericks can not only open it, but also access all the revisions. I only say this, because there's a slight chance that Apple may have updated their document revisions system and it may not be backward compatible with older systems. You could potentially lose all previous versions of a...
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