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Umm...four people...FOUR!!!...replied in this thread prior to your comment noting the lack of a quad core option.
Taxation = theft
Why did AI post this article *after* his photo had already been put back up on the web page?  Odd.  If you were looking to drive down stock prices so you could buy more stock on the cheap, you're out of luck as the markets are closed today.
Just wanted to quickly chime in here to remind people that 'copying' is not 'stealing'.   Good resources here: http://archive.lewrockwell.com/orig9/green-p1.html http://www.stephankinsella.com
Welcome to iOS7!
Good on the students. Demonstrates ingenuity. Grade: A
I'm talking about practical reasons.  It's a lot faster to navigate through the iOS Netflix app to find something I might want to watch, as compared to using a remote control to navigate thru the TV GUI.  Plus, it allows others to watch something else on the TV while I'm searching for the next thing to watch.  Once I find what I want, I'd like to select it on my iPhone but direct it to the TV.  At that point, I don't want it tying up my iPhone at all, and there's no...
I've tested this out myself (with Netflix) and came to the same conclusion.  The picture quality is *significantly* worse (it looks low-res and not HD), and I experience numerous stutters as well (and my ATV is hard-wired via ethernet).  The iPhone Netflix app also does not have a built-in AirPlay button, so you have to double-click and navigate to the OS-level AirPlay button, and you have to select the "Mirroring" option.  My experience with AirPlay Mirroring in general...
Once again, the people who moan about the MacBook Pro Retina not having built-in ethernet still don't get it.  The MacBook Pro Retina is a laptop, which is a *portable* device.  Designing it to be as thin and light as possible is important, and that means that some ports needed to be removed.  The majority of people buying a laptop want to use it wherever they go (kitchen counter, living room sofa, bed, etc.) and will only use it at an ethernet-equipped desk part of the...
New Posts  All Forums: