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Actually Apple.com does normally have small mark downs on black friday. This is the only time of the year they have a sale. iPods can sometimes be like $10 less depending on the model. Computers can sometimes be $50-$100 less. Amazon.com is always a good place to buy Macs and they will likely take off a few more dollars, on select models, during black friday.
Yes, you chose a VERY nice computer. The Airs make a lot of sense for most people. I have a late 2010, sadly the 2010s are a bit slow, but it's still very nice. The 2011 machines are quite amazing. The speed and size is hard to believe.
The only thing is you have to be VERY careful opening it up and closing it. I recently installed in my mother's 13-inch MacBook Pro 2.53 GHZ (Mid 2009) that I gave her for Christmas that year (TMI), a SSD & 8 GB of RAM. It was a brilliant upgrade. really added to the life left in the machine. However, putting back in one of the angled screws on the side, my screwdriver slipped and put in a 1 inch scratch. I had to, from my own guilt, buy her a new bottom panel for...
I would just get the OWC. For a small company, they sure have good customer service from my experiences.
I ordered an i7 on December 23. I had hoped by this time it might enter shipping stage. Anyone seen a pattern of how long the orders actually take to ship?
The videos from Other World Computing are great too. I was quite nervous about upgrading my 2009 Mini as it looked complicated, but I watched the video and these step by step tutorials, and it went ok.
You do get a lot more computer with the 13-inch MacBook Pro. The air is the best it has been in the current revision. However, you must also consider it will always be on 2GB. If the Air is really the one you want and you can wait a few weeks, maybe see if the first few weeks of the new year brings 4GB of RAM. Of course, if the Air or MBP is good for you right now, I think they are still great machines.
Don't you guys sorta think for the next iMac wait until there is a 4 core one? Wouldn't that be possible in 2009?
With iPhone, no issue. Just buy iPhone 2, and plug into iTunes. Your AT&T contract will restart to 2 years. No fees. Anyone can replace a phone (including an iphone) with another iPhone, it just resets your contract to 2 years. Also, even though you have an iPhone, periodically check your "upgrade" section at Att.com/mywireless someday, if not already, you'll qualify for a discounted handset. You can then get something as a spare phone, or get it and sell it on...
So garageband now makes it very easy to make ringtones, but they sound stupid, when I make them because they end so abruptly. How could I take the single track and have the music accelerate up in volume at the start, and down towards the end, so that it doesn't just start and end? Thanks.
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