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Buy Saab!
You're right! I have had flickering problems with my 24" Cinema Display too since the day I bought it. All sorts of things were changed. It doesn't flicker as much so I just live with it. Still is a beautiful display!
Some of us who own the 24" LED Cinema displays are having the same problem with our monitors blinking off to a black screen and then back on for about 1sec. I've already had one monitor repaired in stages...changing the mini-display/USB/power cable, the LED array, and last the logic board/power supply. That didn't fix it. Apple did an exchange and replace the display. The new display started the blinking thing almost as soon as I powered it up. I found out, by...
I'm having a problem with my display that I have had for a week now. It's connected to a MacBook via mini display port. At random times the display will go completely black for about one second and then come back on. This does not seem to have an affect on anything else. The display is beautiful other than this quirk. Over at the Apple website forums...there are many people discussing this same problem, not only with a regular MacBook like mine but also with the...
I have an aluminum Macbook and I would like to purchase the 24" LED display also. I need to put the display at a table on the other side of my office and need an extension cable with the mini display port connectors. It would need to be approx 25' in length. Apparantly Apple does not make one. Iv'e done a quick search for another source but no luck. Any one know if there is one out there somewhere??
I like to use the rest rooms at Best Buy...they have those high velocity air, hand dryers. It blows the piss off your hands real good.
Did anyone else think that Steve Jobs looked...perhaps a bit too thin at WWDC presentation? I hope he is okay. I'm sure he's been working way too hard.
My college attending daughter has a Macbook, 2.16ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB Ram, 667 Mhz. She just purchased Guitar Hero 3 from the Apple store and it seems to be having some "lagging"/timing problems running at regular speed. If she run it in practice mode it rum okay. I have researched this a bit on line and have seen different opinions. They range from "it works great on my Macbook to "don't buy it if you are going to use it on a Macbook. So I am asking my friends...
If you like your mighty mouse then a little maintenence is not out of the question. The little ball which we have contact with, transfers what ever is on your finger to the 4, very small, rollers that the ball comes in contact with. It doesn't take much to gunk them up and it does't take much to clean them very well either. Take a look at mightymouserepair.com it will take you through how to take your mouse apart and thoroughly clean your trak ball. Yes, the trak...
So it could be called a NANObook!
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