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Right now Jobs is mulling over whether he should push on the Apple iCar project.
This is just negative. Granted I have to see the "Air" in person, but what I get from all the pics around, it might be the perfect machine for me. Concerning the battery issue, there is no issue at all. Believe me, I know a lot of people, who essentially depend on their mobile computer, me included, and they all do not have any need for a second battery to travel with. Okay this is no hard evidence, though, bottom line: the battery issue is highly overrated. best
Right now Jobs is having Otellini on the phone asking him about his super secret plans, while telling him his own plans. They both close the talk by saying "Hasta la Vista." in a very ironical manner. (Something is in the Air.)
Right now Jobs is (softly and politely) being asked by one engineer to give the prototype Macbook 10" back for further development. Jobs is desperately yelling: "You have to pry it from my dead hands,frigging dumb-ass lab rat, fired!"
Right now Jobs is personally cursing tylen01 for his crappy first post.
I think, you've just produced this rumour.
Right now Jobs is playing with a 10" prototype Macbook Air he just got from the Apple labs.
Right now Jobs speaks to WOZ on the phone, wallowing in memories. ("Now, look at Apple at the moment, you could have been a part of old fucker.")
I probably missed that thing. However, how'd you pronounce that particular word? scoom as in scant? Or else like in schedule?
Right now Jobs is sleeping. This is very likely.
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