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Also keep in mind that a cell phone which can pick up "band 12" LTE, or 700Mhz LTE, will get better coverage where available as that signal penetrates buildings better and travels further. Further, T-Mobile provides Wi-Fi calling so if your cell phones OS supports it, you can connect to any Wi-Fi signal and use that for calls and text -- and since it's Wi-Fi -- data of course. It's worth investigating. For me, for my family, it was a no brainer. I consolidated my Father,...
Let's not forget, they are a business and as such desire that their customers do choose upgrades to their service / products. ATT and VZW just prefer to do it with a stick and gotchas. Where Tmo wants to do it with a carrot and benefits. If you're an existing T-Mobile customer with an existing plan the easy way to tell if any particular line will exempt video data is if the line is also eligible for Data Stash (roll over data). For any new customers, that means any line...
Ok, just so I'm straight -- its only a potential problem for android apps that aren't sourced from GooglePlay? I don't use an android myself, but I want to know so I can correctly inform friends who do. i.e. If I tell them to only download from GooglePlay, that solves the potential problem?
 I don't see it that way, at all. T-Mo isn't providing "Zero Down" if you have no previous business relation with them and poor or no credit history. However, they will let you independently build credit with them and will give you the benefits of "good credit" if you have (or establish) 12 months on time payments for T-Mo service. That isn't subsidizing bad credit, that's rewarding good credit and honoring good business from previously established customers.
Oh, I absolutely agree that password managers are the future. I was just responding to the 'long non-complex password' model/idea/theory whatever you want to call it. There are loads of problems with it. Users will still game the system. Which is why I stated that I agree with it in principle, but not exactly as presented. Long, complex, high entropy passwords that are unique for every website are absolutely the best. Getting people to use password managers and getting...
http://xkcd.com/936/ -- For the quick explaination. Bottom line, I agree with the over all idea. But, not exactly how the comic presents it. When a website enforces complex passwords, but sets the minimum length to 8 characters -- that's all the user will create an 8 character password. Now, don't get me wrong a complex 8 character password is, eh, secure enough. The problem for the average user, though, will be the password paradox. They will have a hard time remembering...
 I got a beta invite and everything sucks and is broken. I'm going on the internet to complain. Hey everyone! I'm here to find people that agree with me. Yosemite beta sucks and is broken.
 Double Standars exist for a reason, you know.
 Pre-owned iPhones also retain almost all of their retail sale price. I don't think you can say the same for pre-owned Android devices, even Sammys S5. They may not want to volunteer their phones. Regardless, it sounded like T-Mobile was game if the phones were offered for the program.
 There is a metal security gate in that picture. i.e. To stop anyone who might want to throw a heavy rock / use a sledge hammer. Hence the reason cars are being used; to break though that security gate. Which is why pylons / bollards (retractable or not) are being suggested to stop the cars.
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