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mstone --   That's because it's an iPhone 5 in the iPhone 5C case.
How is this different then last year between between 4S and 5? Was the difference not $100 and 8 gig less of flash?
  Wait why would google be paying for negative comments on it own product? Shouldn't it be the other way around? The pro google posts would be paid for in this "negative" article...
  You're sure AirPlay doesn't require a private key to work and they havn't just captured that and included it. You know just like how "legit" DVD / Blu-Ray backup software works?
If the apps that enable AirPlay are legit -- I'll swallow my pride there. But, my inclination is that they're less then legitimate otherwise many more devices would support it.
  So why doesn't Chromestick use it then? Or DLNA or WiDi or Miracast or anything else. Why not at least pull a Samsung and just clone it. Why hasn't Samesung done this already? Chromestick should be AirPlay (or ChomePlay or whatever) on a $35 stick with improvements because Google just makes everything better. What's with the convoluted method that Chromestick uses?   Moreover, since you can just "buy" AirPlay for Windows / droid why even buy a Chromestick in the first...
  Not that it takes hands on experience for Windows or 'droid pundits to dismiss anything Apple makes. I mean, reviews of the iPhone and iPad weren't written with "significant slant" ?   Oh, but we should celebrate Windows RT and not call it the turd that it is.
     Quote:   To their credit -- Chromestick would be pretty neat and advanced if you are stuck with Windows (by choice or not) as nothing like AirPlay exists for Windows / 'droid.   Then again, these are likely the same people that have dismissed the tech when it was first introduced. (likely dismiss Apple out of hand / dismissed iPod / iPhone / iPad, etc..) And now they want us to give Google an "atta boy" ? To admit someone has out done Apple?
Quote:   If the assertion here (correct me if wrong) is that "The iPad is over priced" -- Then why haven't competitors seen any success? If it is as offensive as you state -- there would be no problem for competition to undercut them and take market.   General consumers, at large, will very much so compromise.   We've gone though throngs of different tablets from Dell, Motorola, Microsoft, Google, and Samsung with different levels of hardware at different levels of prices...
New Posts  All Forums: