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 Oh you. Co-opting an Apple meme to make a dig at Ballmer, clever girl. Did you see that? Take a look at what I did! See what I just did? ^^^
 Word is listed as #4 grossing app, though. So IAP subs to 365 are obviously happening / being bought.
Got news for you buddy. Amazon Prime was $80 before the Movies and Books were added -- for free. So it's just a convenient argument on your point that you are now "paying" for them. I'm going to believe "increased fuel and transportation costs" way before I believe, the argument that you are now going to make, that this price increase is just a ruse to charge for these e-books and the video service. Free 2-day shipping is either worth $99/year to you or not.
 Heh, just to give you an idea of how variable and how far removed from rationality an individuals (or a groups) description / definition of "flop" can be -- Consider Nintendo's last generation Wii console; some internet "know it all" gamers continue to contend it was a flop. It didn't do HD graphics, or 5.1 audio, and had only a very rudimentary "online" network. Yet it was a "flop" that sold +100 Million consoles (PS1 sold 105 million) and was just shy of 1 billion...
 It's a good deal, IMO. Here is my logic: You paid AT&T $99 for your 5c. You sell it privately and get top dollar. $500 on CL, eBay, whatever. Great $500, that's more then twice what T-Mo would pay you. However, it cost $99 to get the phone, before you could sell it. $500-$100 = $400. Now comes the ETF. Let's say you jumped on the 5c on launch day. AT&T gives you a credit on your ETF of $10 per month paid, $325-$30=$295. So $400-$295 (ETF) = $105. T-Mo, on the other hand,...
 This isn't an attack, btw. But, just so you know you put your foot in your mouth with comment. It's not that bad, though. You are just ignorant of T-mobile USA's differentiation. They throttle instead of charge an overage fee. Overage fees are an AT&T and Verizon's thing.
 The difference on the retail sales floor between a retina iPad and a non-retina iPad is huge. To a potential customer it's immediately understandable -- a black & white reason to consider the iPad Air. Where as trying to explaining A6X vs A7 and 64-bit vs 32-bit would just be gobbledegook to them. The customer would not be incorrect to surmise they'd be OK saving $100 by just going with an iPad "4". Or in other words -- the iPad2 doesn't cannibalize iPad Air sales. It is...
So we're still fear-mongering this?
 If it's like PayPal, which others seem to be likening it to, then you don't have to have a Visa / Mastercharge. All you need is a bank account. PayPal just negotiates a EBT on your behalf.
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