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Thanks for the input!
Thank you. I'm trying to use one with my MacBook, and was hoping for a simple USB solution. Would I have to open up my MB, and augment the antenna? Any idea what performance this makeshift antenna results in? I am wondering what the relevance of the numbers I mentioned are.
I'm looking for a USB wifi booster, or transceiver, or whatever they are called. I've found several 500mw, and a couple 1000mw, & a 2000mw. I would have assumed that the 2000mw would result in the greatest reception, though one of the only comments I could find about it was how the 1000mw one provided better reception. Any thoughts? Also, I've seen a few 500mw ones with up to 300Mbps, but most of the 1000mw I've looked at were either 150mbps, or 54mbps.. As far as...
Is there any chance that the white one just has a white cover? Doesn't it look like the button is sunken considerably on the white one?
I am curious about something I know very little about, and was hoping someone wouldn't mind explaining it to me. Is this issue with Flash v html 5 an issue of Flash being proprietary, and html 5 being open source, or is html 5 simply controlled by someone Apple prefers to deal with? I remember reading an article on digg about the XBox, and the reason for using OpenGL (I think that's what it was called). Is this a similar situation? If it's not too much trouble, could...
Thanks for the advice! I am going to look for a professional. I have one last question, though.. would you suggest that I look for a professional "editor"? Are there professional converters-to-digital out there?
Thanks for the input!I considered trying something like that, but I am concerned that the quality of the audio might not be as good as I'd like it to be, and I'm also concerned that these tapes are very fragile, and it would be tragic to lose them. This http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...reetalklive-20 has some sort of measure to protect old cassettes to some extent.I know very little about this kind of thing. If someone who does tells me I should go another route, I...
I need to back up some really old, valuable, cassette tapes. I am about to order this; http://bittyit.com/TapeLink/ Would anyone advise another route? Thanks!
My TC works very well for me. I just wish it had a FW port.
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