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Could someone point me to a resource where I could learn about cell? I have some learning to do.
Apple must love people like me. Pardon me for a moment, as I realize this is a bit besides the point.. I'm surprised to find so many people (on AI) compare, and consider non-Macs. Don't get me wrong, I see all of your points of interest... Just for some reason I expected to find more Mac fans. Personally, I've had computers around my whole life, and they've always been useful, and enjoyable. Though I've used them in business, Macs are largely just the...
It seems to me that that's the nature of technology. As a consumer, and user, I'd love to own the nicest computer in the world for two years. However, if Apple were to slow down to a lesser pace then that of technological advancement, that would make it more like art, or a club, or something, rather then a computer company. Of course it's purpose is to make money, and while selling technology, they use the best strategy to have a market for the products, while at the...
Anyone speculate on the approx time of the next iPod rev? Any chance there are plans to release a larger capacity iPod in the near future? Other then size, any other features one might want to hold out for? Thanks
Congrats on your purchase! I'm hoping to buy my new G5PB in May. I just wanted to add that I check www.macprices.com all the time. It helps when comparing all the extras.
Perhaps "The Movie Store" should be named "The Video Store"? As in, you use your vision... hehe.. Seriously, if it started off as an option next to the songs that would allow for the purchase of a song's video. A concert. TV shows.. That would get them into the video/online realm, and leave the (long) movie issues for another day. They might become an alternative to ppv, and Tivo like services. Just a thought.
Wow! Perhaps it's the drugs I am on at the moment, but that seems the opposite to me of what you made of it. 3% market share, and 50% of the 97% were affected by being exposed to the Mac? That seems to me to good to be true. Are we one Superbowl ad away from >40% market share? While reading through this thread, I keep thinking the reason people don't buy Macs is because we are outnumbered 97 to 3, and when someone's uncle, or father in law, etc, suggests a...
Maybe with voice commands, and a tiny hologaphic projector, they could save some space. A little V.R. technology, and an implant, and we're money.
"Conan! What is best in life?" "To crush your enemies.. to see them driven before you.. and Macintosh computers" Maybe that's not exactly how it went, but that was basically it.
I think there is going to be a finer line between small (really small) portable computers, and cell phones. Anything that isn't one of the two will likely be temporary. One that could be both might be the last innovation for a long time. If there were a 1 ghz G5 PB the size of a checkbook that could be used as a cell phone when closed, you can forget about iPods, other expensive cell phones, or any other type media player. Imagine how nice it would be if you didn't...
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