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I haven't been keeping score in this apparently long battle, but does this mean that regardless of the past, PS3 is currently a superior machine, &/or that Blu-Ray is a superior format? I'm not talking about the console battle since XBox arrived... Maybe the score is "5-2; XBox", and I'm really not interested in who beat who to what. It just sounded to me like finally the consensus, at least at the moment, was that PS3/Blu-Ray might be proving the better. Again, this...
When, and what, do you expect?
I was wondering the same thing. Part of the reason I am looking for the Blu-Ray MacMini, ideally with an HDMI port. DVI works, too, though.
lol! I really am. If you insist that it's only the last few pages..
Unless there is a typing renaissance, I can see the point of those who suggest that the tactile feedback is necessary. I wonder if the mouse could be replaced by a multi-touch pad. I'd assume that the keyboard was largely unnecessary unless actually typing, and could be aside, for the most part. The multi-touch pad could be stand alone, or an extension of the keyboard (basically in front of, under wrist while typing, or next to like the trackball), or even under it...
I've read some of this discussion, but haven't attempted to keep up with it in a while. It seems to be hotly contested, with supporters of both formats having a lot of faith in their preference, or perspective. I personally would like to see both discs stick around, though I prefer Blu-ray Disc, and I am hoping that it's not eliminated. I read a while ago that the next format will be decided by the porn industry. I apologize if I missed this discussion already...
Sooner or later, I'd like to see a MacMini w/RG-6 input, HDMI out, and Blu-ray Disc. I'd buy one today if I could.
What do you all think about a laptop design with an emphasis put on lowest weight, thinnest enclosure, greatest battery life, possible, but without a cd/dvd/etc. drive? A USB port.. possibly a firewire port, and that's it. Even have to use bluetooth headphones, if wanted. I enjoyed a Duo, granted with a dock, as a kid. It was small by the standards of the time, but I wonder how small one could be made now. With bluetooth, and wifi, it would be even easier to live...
How about it? A much bigger (keyboard sized) device to replace keyboards. That way the apps could dictate their own controls. I hope I am describing what I am imagining sufficiently... Basically just the UI of the iPhone for computers, and perhaps the bluetooth, too. This would be a very dynamic tool.
...I will be purchasing a PS3 primarily for movies. Will likely be interested in Madden, NHL, and GTA titles, but I doubt I play video games more then once every couple months.
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