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I just now realized I got a response.. Thank you.
....I discovered that it seemed the ethernet port on the A.E. could only be used in this way if it were a bridge from another Apple wireless router. I was able to find someone people who were able to configure it to work with certain others, but not with mine (Belkin Pre-N). It seemed that most people were trying to use the A.E. to hookup their PSX, Xbox, or Slingbox, if I remember correctly. I am hoping that the Apple 802.11n comes out soon.. I'd like to pick one...
Could Apple put an ir sensor behind a translucent Apple logo?
Does it mean anything that Apple is showing no MacBooks in stock? http://www.pcprices.net/macbook.shtml
lol! Wouldn't it be likely that Apple would release a "Nano" cell to come under, or close to, the supposed $285.00 price point in Europe, but then also release a 120gb Video iPod/cell phone monster for around $500.00, or so?
I'm looking for a way to convert MP3, or any other iTunes compatible audio format, to midi files, and vice versa. Anyone have any suggestions? Also, with each download, I get a message asking me if I want to update to the latest Speed Download. I attempt to, but aftr unstuffing the file I download, I assumed it was a disk image, but whatever it is, it won't mount, or otherwise work. Anyone else come across this issue?
I realize that many articles are written with one interest, or another, in mind, but it's funny to me to re-read the complaint of no way to get the content to the TV now... "maybe in 6 months". I bought my girlfriend a 60g 5 gen, a crappy dock (which remote doesn't work adequately),and a $10.00 cable for her to take w/the ipod when she visits family, and can entertain the nieces & nephews on their tv. Because of the simplicity of the cable, I have no idea what...
I like it, and I imagine that presenting it at this point serves a few purposes.. Not only to show people that the iTunes Store content will be useable in a more dynamic way, and inspire people to buy when they may not have before.... but, also because at this point, that's a basic model of the concept that still looks pretty good. So, when all the competitors either develope thiers, or push the ones the have, Apple will cut the legs out from under them with their...
I was under the impression this happened all the time. Wether it be for PC, with skeleton installs, vs full, or games made for consoles, and slightly lesser versions for portable players. Is this not the case?
Argo. Like to see it operate. http://portableaudio.engadget.com/20...-media-player/
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