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Thank you all. 2gb on the way.
I'm about to purchase some 512mb DIMMs for a dual 1GHz DDR Power Mac G4. My options, according to Crucial, are the DDR PC2700, and the DDR PC3200. I assume the 3200 would be the better choice, but the "CL" for the 2700 is faster. Could someone explain to me the difference between the two types of DIMMs, and the significance of the .5 difference in the "CL" rating?
I'd like to upgrade the ram on my dual 1Ghz G4 Powermac. I just looked it up on Crucial and found 2700, & 3200 DIMMs. Both the same 512mb, and price ($53.34). Is there a better option, or are they the same? Is Crucial my best option? Any suggestions?
Would a pbook graphic card work in an ibook? Vice versa? Anyone know what the best options are out there for both?
Anyone know if this game will run at all on a system with 32 vram? Friend has a brand new iBook, and was hoping he could play it at the minimum settings.
Would "Bobcat" be just too weak?
What's everyone think about the Belkin Pre-N router ? I knew nothing about routers when I bought it, but from what I was told, it seemed to be the best one I could purchase at CompUSA. There was a comparable one, but this one had a lifetime warranty, where the other had a 2 year, I believe.
Thanks. Unfortunately, that has not worked.
Liger.. Has superior magical skills.
A very important file which is accessed and saved frequently has disappeared off of a friends PBook. I am going to see if I can't recover the file for them, but after using some sort of utility, I am not sure what else to try. She's certain it wasn't deleted, or thrown in the trash. Could it somehow have been marked as an invisible file? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. BTW, 1.33Ghz, 12", G4 PBook w/ 10.3.8
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