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Now at best Buy... The All New Hoover Windtunnel Experience! Come Observe All that our vacuums have to offer! Our new live exhibit: See how much our vacuums [can] suck! (no offense to hoover vacuum owners... I have one and it works great. I just wanted something to write:) ) Anyway, pretty soon BB won't have room for their other offerings with the ever increasing sub stores and experience centers they hold.
I'm just a little concerned that some of these guys are spreading themselves a little too thin. iTunes, iCloud, Siri & Maps? That's a lot of responsibility. All I have to say is he better have a LOT of people who are on top of their game every day or else something else may get missed or dropped.
I just hope this means my t-mobile moderate map coverage will actually yield a signal. This has been the worst cell phone service I have ever had. Here's hoping I will get something better before my contract ends.I was actually looking forward to a merger so I could get into an AT&T plan that has service in my area. Now that's gone down the drain. Oil well...
--Scotty handed a mouse and speaks into it "...Hello Computer" --"Just use the keyboard." --"Keyboard, How quaint."
Eating too much of a single vegetable may also cause health issues... consider the possibility of vitamin-A overdose in certain vegetarian diets really high on a certain potent vegetable [possibly spinach?] (especially if multi-vitamin supplements are taken). Better stop eating your vegetables, too I guess... Ps. I really hope no one is eating 20 burgers a day. That would definitely be a lot, and probably would kill you.
Hmm... I wonder if AMD could be in their future as well, Then they would have mobile and laptop/desktop chips under their belt, and the ability to mass produce. Just my 2¢ (accounting for US inflation it might be more like 1/2¢)
Seems to me that these commercials are directed more toward 12yr olds. I mean chopping through bananas, throwing things at mannequins? come on. a bit ridiculous. Also does this commercial seem to anyone else as if it were pulled from some brainwashing Sci-Fi scene?
I don't know about you all, but all our projectors (13) use DVI, which runs to our podiums and that's what we use... so I get to plug right in. I'll tell you (and maybe its just my imagination), but whenever I go to a place that uses VGA it looks ugly. Kind of like going to an S-Video based projector when you are use to VGA. DVI is just cleaner across the board. Anyway, I see it not so much as Apple using non-standard connections, but PC manufacturers and Projector...
Not in my area there isn't. There isn't a single other carrier in existence (that I have tried -verizon, sprint/nextel, altell) that will hold a signal in houses and many buildings within about a 15 mile radius.ATT is the only one here.Still, many people choose nextel around here, just to see them all go outside to get a clear DC signal.I don't mind ATT. I think they are a little too large a company, but then again I think verizon is also.
For me it is 10.5 completely. In fact after 6 phone calls and almost 12 hours of phone support apple even had me install a data probe on my machine to try and solve it... which they could not, but said they would work on it and try o have it fixed in the next release (10.5.2). It isn't a hardware issue either. It is 10.5.x and persists across clean reinstalls.Broadcast the SSID and turn of mac address filtering and all is well... all the time, but I am not going to do...
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