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--Scotty handed a mouse and speaks into it "...Hello Computer" --"Just use the keyboard." --"Keyboard, How quaint."
Eating too much of a single vegetable may also cause health issues... consider the possibility of vitamin-A overdose in certain vegetarian diets really high on a certain potent vegetable [possibly spinach?] (especially if multi-vitamin supplements are taken). Better stop eating your vegetables, too I guess... Ps. I really hope no one is eating 20 burgers a day. That would definitely be a lot, and probably would kill you.
Hmm... I wonder if AMD could be in their future as well, Then they would have mobile and laptop/desktop chips under their belt, and the ability to mass produce. Just my 2¢ (accounting for US inflation it might be more like 1/2¢)
Seems to me that these commercials are directed more toward 12yr olds. I mean chopping through bananas, throwing things at mannequins? come on. a bit ridiculous. Also does this commercial seem to anyone else as if it were pulled from some brainwashing Sci-Fi scene?
I don't know about you all, but all our projectors (13) use DVI, which runs to our podiums and that's what we use... so I get to plug right in. I'll tell you (and maybe its just my imagination), but whenever I go to a place that uses VGA it looks ugly. Kind of like going to an S-Video based projector when you are use to VGA. DVI is just cleaner across the board. Anyway, I see it not so much as Apple using non-standard connections, but PC manufacturers and Projector...
Not in my area there isn't. There isn't a single other carrier in existence (that I have tried -verizon, sprint/nextel, altell) that will hold a signal in houses and many buildings within about a 15 mile radius.ATT is the only one here.Still, many people choose nextel around here, just to see them all go outside to get a clear DC signal.I don't mind ATT. I think they are a little too large a company, but then again I think verizon is also.
For me it is 10.5 completely. In fact after 6 phone calls and almost 12 hours of phone support apple even had me install a data probe on my machine to try and solve it... which they could not, but said they would work on it and try o have it fixed in the next release (10.5.2). It isn't a hardware issue either. It is 10.5.x and persists across clean reinstalls.Broadcast the SSID and turn of mac address filtering and all is well... all the time, but I am not going to do...
How about airport drivers that have never worked right since 10.5.0? I am still waiting on consistent connections on my (Non broadcasted SSID) Netgear and Linksys routers. Can you do this for me please Apple?
They need to get a good old CRT and carry it around with them everywhere you go then. Or maybe get a desktop an expensive LCD and a really large backpack and use it as a laptop. That is effectively what they would have to do to get what they are looking for anyways... since the MBP doesn't come with RAID-5, 16GB RAM, and more than one optical drive, which I'm sure they are stewing over as well.It would be funny to see what laptops they do buy to replace their less than...
I have owned an iPod for about a year now, an never purchased music from my own credit card.Everything I buy for myself is from gift cards. Everything I buy for others is in the form of giftcards as well. All in all I spend about $200 - $300 a year in giftcard purchases for myself or others. Compare that to the $0.00 I spend directly through credit card at the store. So I could see how this article is true... at least from this one aspect... for me. There are...
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