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Actually, it looks to me like Android is doomed. Sure they raced and sold a lot of phones in places where Apple has taken longer to reach, but it seems more and more clear that the iPhone is smoking Android in the US. Simply everyone I see has them. They out sell all smartphone at the three major US carriers. With Google still trying to answer Siri, and everyday giving Apple time to work on the next great thing, as well as the trouble Google has trying to push anything...
The smartphone maker for the third world. Seems they aren't out selling Apple in the US. It isn't so hard to fill the world with cheap junky phones ate a discount rate. As in the US, eventually people will want to move up to the best. Not to mention that Siri just smokes everyone, although the android freaks deny it. After buying an iPad I hardly used my iPhone until Siri came along. Now the iPhone is the perfect mobile companion for stuff you do on the move.
Apple needs to keep Google around to avoid becoming at target of anti monopoly laws. It is becoming more and more obvious that Apple has won. Simply everyone you see has an iPhone. Google will still be struggling with a Siri competitor when Apple releases the next hot new thing. Maybe the android lunatics have already disappeared, they seem terribly quiet.
I wonder how long developers will continue to develop for android now that all indications from three major US phone companies suggest that the iPhone is out selling all Android phones combined. Didn't Eric Schmidt predict that by now developers would be prioritizing android? I guess US developers need to learn Chinese and hope Apple doesn't take over China also. Android tablets are a joke. How can they succeed if even android phones are failing. I wonder how long before...
You might want to work on your retention. I said which phone it was in my original post, the one you first got all freaked out about. It also seems the above article is about said phone, so it does take a brain surgeon to figure it out. I understand you have the geek button fetish, which is why you probably shouldn't design a phone.
Exactly Three logos on the front of the latest Windows phones. Do you really think the fact that there are zero logos on the front of an iPhone is an accident? Of course, AT&T wanted theirs on the front and Apple told them where to go. The point is, the little things matter, and if you can't control all the people who want to junk up your design, then you end up with junk throughout. Apple isn't smoking everyone because they are just lucky.
I hear ya, I have heard several android uses honestly say they like the search button. I can live with than. Then I start pondering, search is easy to find on the iPhone. The problem is I just never find myself using it. I have probably used it five times in three years. Stuff just isn't all that hard to find. Now with Siri I don't even use the keyboard that much.
Back of their phone, rather.
BINGO!!! I actually think the coolest thing Google ever did was design the Android logo, or have it designed. It really isn't a logo, it is a smoking icon, which is the only tech logo out there that can stand up to Apples logo. If they were to demand that every Android phone maker put that logo 3/4 inch on the backpack of their phone Android might stand a chance of standing up against Apple's marketing. I have nothing against logos, I just don't want to see it day in and...
Unsubstantiated? Just look at the masses of android phones, it is hard to miss how badly they are designed. If you think I am bias, try me, just design a decent phone for a change. How badly do you really need search that you need a perminent button? Maybe just make things easier to find? Why do you need your cell phone providers logo printed on the front of the phone. Hey, if I buy a phone I know who made it so I don't need a perminent advertisement day in and day out...
New Posts  All Forums: