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Ok. You use the fake leaked images for all products dating from the stone age until now. and yes I have no proof what I said will happen. It makes sense, IF Apple produces a larger than 5,1 inch iPhone,( which some sources with past repution in uncovering POSSIBLE Apple products that turned into reality)  this product will not be called  the flagship product ( much as the iPad mini Retina or not ) pales in comparison and numbers to the iPadf Air which is still the...
Right on the money ! Now its time forApple to buy Bmw's iLine of cars, merge with Tesla and forever end the slavery of being a car owner.
Why will it not sell ? Big phones don't sell ? of course they do. They just sell to an focused audience on "bigger is better"   The dissociation of screen size and quality will still be present if the iPhone 6 is more powerful than 6c , despite having a smaller but perfectly usable screen. This way the bigger screen will be less usable, less performant but still a full fledged BIG iPhone.   You have notebooks with bigger screen than 15 inch, more storage options...
A little bird. has told me...that :   Apple is readying a strategy to trivialise big screens.   The iPhone 6C will have a bigger screen than the iphone 6. - It will be plastic still. - it will be harder to use with one hand. - It will be almost identical to iphone 5s in specs but no Apple ID sensor. - It will be competing with Samsung flagship ( spec by spec)   In contrast iPhone 6 will have :   - 4.7 inch screen - New processor  - New camera - New form...
I call this fake !!!! The unit is ugly, desproportioned and ill finished.
You NEED the best Source for this setup. Benchamark DAC 1. YOu may have a suoer duooer amp, !0K speakers.... still you need to NOT USE the Airport Express DAC.
I built my in house systems around airport express and itunes. I do not use Airport though . I use homeplug 2.0. I comnnected my 47 Labs , Primaluna and Audio research amps to setups based on devolo-airport express-Benchmark Dacs 1. Expensive but truly great. I am happy.
New Posts  All Forums: