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Yes a flawed genius, but a perfectionist and truly irreplaceable one!  Apple is truly not the same without him :(
HERE'S THE THING:     A Made in China and a Made in South Korea products are the same...they are all cheap imitations, counterfeits or knock-offs!   The only difference is that, a Made in China knock-off product retains the original brand name (e.g. original Prada bag Made in Paris has a counterpart cheap, knock-off Prada bag that is Made in China), whereas a Made in South Korea imitation/knock-off/counterfeit product is rebranded as a Samsung...or a Kia....or...
Lessons LEARNED:   Innovate, do NOT Imitate Use your resources to conduct Research and Development of products, and NOT revert to the easy way out of copying/stealing other companies' ideas for personal profit Be Original and NOT a Copycat/Knock-off Accept the truth, and NOT deny it  Stealing does NOT pay Be a Winner, NOT a Loser Buy Apple, NOT Samesung!
Another "in denial" Samesung LOSER fandroid!  Apple = WINNING!  Samesung =LOSERS!  
Tim Berners-Lee used Job's NeXT Cube computer in sending a message @ the Olympics --a silent tribute to Steve Jobs!     Very apropos since Sir Tim actually used Steve Job's NeXT cube on designing the original world wide web more than 3 decades ago!   https://twitter.com/nikcub/status/229127613971591168/photo/1/large
How can they forget Benjamin Franklin????
True---or cruise cabins--they all are used for sleeping/resting, BUT the price difference will dictate how much perks you will have inside a cabin--an inside stateroom is way inferior than a presidential suite, and of course way cheaper!  So too with the more expensive yet way superior iPhone!      
Competition is good ONLY if the rival innovates and designs their own products and NOT there to COPY and imitate--technology then moves forward!     Unfortunately Samesung is known for literally copying Apple's products, thus the rationale for all these patent wars against the inferior copycat!
    You CAN be a total dick, IF you have the vision, genius, success, and ability to change, IMPROVE and make the world move forward like Jobs, Edison, Churchill, Einstein, etc.!  BUT just being a dick does NOT cut it!
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