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There are two types of wars that continue forever: religious wars and programming language wars. Both of them are subjective. On natural languages I personally prefer my mother tongue and various accents/dialects of British English and French  - and you certainly disagree, to which your are entitled. On programming languages I prefer Ada  - and you certainly disagree, to which your are entitled.
Agree. There are two writers above anyone else: Daniel Eran Dilger ("technical" stuff) and Horace Dediu of Asymco ("business" stuff). Both of them base their writings on carefull factual data collection and analysis which is very rare nowadays (contrary to opinionated click bating/egomaniac blogging).
Oh, this reminds me of the sweet youth of mine. I was happy to work 16 hours a day at the age of 15 (of course it was illegal, even in Scandinavia where I live, but who cares - not at least me). I wished that my children had been lucky enough to work 16 hous/day when they were kids, but no - the governmetn wouldn't allow. What a bunch of losers - I mean the government!
Yadda, yadda, yadda!
Yup, a tablet is more personal computer than a laptop or desktop or underdesk computer.Even more personal computer is a handheld computer which some people mistakenly call smartphone (just because one of it's least used features is phone calling).I suppose the ultimately personal computer is a wearable computer, e.g. wrist computer. People occasionally share handheld computers but very seldom wearable computers.
  I am trying iCloud at the moment at my summer house in the middle of nowhere over a lousy 3G network (download speed 1,5 M, upload 1,5 M) and Pages is incredibly fast! Can't wait to get back home to try it over proper internet connection.   I'm using 15" MacBook Pro (2,6 GHz Core i7, 16 GB RAM).
Nokia had the biggest market share and it wanted more of it, so it lowered prices. Now Nokia has one of the smallest market shares and profits. HP, Dell etc. have big market shares in PCs and they don't make money.   Apple has small market share in mobile phones and it makes big money, the biggest. Apple has small market share in tablets and it makes big money, the biggest. Apple has small market share in personal computers and it makes big money, the biggest.   See the...
I remember reading that long, long time ago there was a mobile phone company which actually covered every niche. I think the name started with "N". Wonder what happened to that company...
And we all know that Mac Pro will be the most imitated form factor in PC industry during the next 2 years.
I admit that iDisk wasn't perfect though it was pretty good for my use case. The thing beyond my comprehension is why Apple didn't port all the functionality of iDisk to iCloud. The code existed already anyway.   I do use DB, yet I would like to have the functionality from Apple. I have been using Macs for 24 yeras (and computers for 42 years). When I was younger and more adventurous I loaded my Mac full of all kind of useful (and useless) functionality from any vendor....
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