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I may be mistaken, but it looks like the lines of people at Notre Dame got incinerated!
Results of Google search: "hubris": 1. excessive pride or self-confidence 2. (in Greek tragedy) excessive pride toward or defiance of the gods, leading to nemesis.
In an age of Netflix and Amazon valuations and high-frequency trading, why is there still a need for stock analysts? Carl Icahn seems to be able to move a stock with 120 characters, so what good are charts, valuation metrics, etc? The gap between a company's fundamentals and its stock price seems absurd. I am glad to have been with AAPL (and Apple) long enough to be realizing a healthy return. Hey, Tim Cook's gang actually makes money!
"We believe there is an undying dedication at Apple to innovate and its leadership is working hard to prove bears wrong," he said. I doubt anyone at Apple is working hard to 'prove' anything to anyone. They're working to create great stuff. Why "react" when you can "create"?
I don't think that "innovation" per se is the top priority. "Making great products" is. The former is a lesser-included function of the latter.
Takes too many hands (for wallet/pocketbook, credit card, camera and data entry), and too much time. Strikes me as really cumbersome. Clunky, like this demo: http://www.finovate.com/spring12vid/flintmo.html
Apple's stated goal is to make the best products. So far, a side effect of that has been mountains of money.   The same should be true for customer service. Make it THE BEST, and the money will follow.   Apple exists, first and foremost, to nurture relationships. The rest happens by itself.
Were I a Samsung attorney who had seen the Conan spoof, I suppose I'd think seriously about settling. A spoof works because the average Joe "gets it." With a jury composed of 'normal' people, I'd think they could only see it in simple terms which ratify the insights of the spoof. Unless, of course, there is some slick "reasonable doubt" argument to be made by Samsung.
"For its part, Path issued an apology and gave users the option to opt out,…" The classy way to do it would be on an "opt in" basis.
No tax if you give it to charity. What else would she do with it?
New Posts  All Forums: