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I'm writing a 'first look' for the controller tonight, should be up sometime tomorrow or Monday. Don't buy this stuff yet if you're mac-centric. The support for macs is all kinds of busted at the moment. This includes both the Link and the Controller.
I Just thought I'd chime in to let everyone know we're listening to your feedback and taking it to heart. I mean, I have a headache now, but I've read all your posts. I know Kasper and Neil have been checking in as well. A lot of the issues you've voiced have been raised behind-the-scenes for a while, and plans are in motion. I can probably confirm new forums are one of the more kinetic projects without getting into too much trouble. Some things will take longer than other...
I should really check this forum more often.   We tracked the problem down to an ad that appeared to be Geo-targeted towards Canadian users, and it took our ad partner a few days to do anything about it, but it should be gone now.   let us know at appleinsiderfeedback@gmail.com if it isn't.
 We dipped our toes into the subscription waters with our iOS app. It was very cold. Unfortunately the current prevailing mindset is to treat all news as though it comes from a single source, "the internet", and that disconnect has lead us all down a dark and twisty path. The future of independent web publishers like us here at AI is very much in question. It's our job to try and figure out business solutions because obviously we want to keep existing, but man can it be...
This is the best image.
I wouldn't mind one of these.
Yo ho ho he ho
  The reason you can't see the videos is because you have adblock/ghostery on (I use them myself). This has nothing to do with AI and everything to do with All Things D. If you go directly to the source they will continue to fail to load until you either turn off one of those plugins or load them in a browser that doesn't have them. As far as the embeds not showing up in the forums themselves, that's unfortunate, but I would expect it to be remedied.   As far as your...
New Posts  All Forums: