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Is Apple Pay still working for users who experience this problem (it should...)
Even without media, some games install about 800Mb data (PvZ2, AngryBirds etc.), and the real problems will arise with iOS updates, as 7.1 already needed 1.9Gb free space on my iPad (3, 16Gb) to even install. 
Galaxy S june 2010Galaxy S II may 2011Galaxy S III may 2012Galaxy S 4 apr-2013 (because most people can only count in roman numerals up to 3)Galaxy S 5  They have used the S+(iteration) name for years now, can hardly accuse them of copying 5S to S5.
 It's all about precedent, last year they did offer some nice apps, so this year (with an even bigger stockpile of cash) and giving away the iWork and iLife suite for free with new iPhones some of us expected more (I could also state it would have been nice to offer it for free for every ios7 upgrader on their announcement, but they're free to give away what they want). They are not just giving away gifts, they offer a special gift app which raises expectations even...
 I'm getting "free" games with my Xbox Live Gold and Playstation+ subscriptions on a regular basis. Also got some free cloud storage from both Google and Microsoft but those are limited periods so do not count. I would say the Xbox Live Gold games I got were old too, but so was Home Alone ;)
 I think Tiny Thief is a nice game, but that's 1 out of 12 for me this year. MrCrab was a disappointment, and the rest of the gifts were media for which I have other sources.
 And today it is the official gift in Europe at least.
Not part of this Apple promotion, but Rayman Jungle Run is a free download only today. Nice game, nice gift ;)
Free is free, but I still find the gifts a bit disappointing compared to last year.   Only Tiny Thief was nice, but an old movie like Home Alone....   And of course music videos and some songs, which are not experienced as gifts to me personally as I can view them on Youtube or listen to them using Spotify/Google Play Music All Access (not free).   I know I'm sounding spoiled or not thankfull, and should not be because Apple doesn't have to gift me anything, but I'm...
I see no problem with this, question to all people in this thread who do   http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2012/10/11/chip-design-luminary-leaves-samsung-for-apple/   no problem as well....
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