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Great tip for iVI, will give it a try, as all my media is h264/mkv As for the raspberry, there was a press release in november where it has sold 2 mln. But not all of those are for XBMC. I do know all stores which sell the RPi in my country (nl) are almost always offering a special xmbc bundle more prominently than the bare RPi.
Wonder if in these stats the Raspberry Pi with XBMC is taken into account. Currently using this for mkv from nas playback, and the Airplay support in XBMC is a bonus.
Read a review of such a system last week http://us.hardware.info/reviews/5058/gigabyte-brix-projector-i3-4010-review-mini-projector-pc   It lacks wireless charging
  I agree, although I would not go so far as what you suggested would work. Using AW4P, or Rezenze, which uses magnetic resonance, you would not have "several feet" of charging, but you would get a pad which can charge multiple devices at once, without the alignment needed for Qi charging, and also a bit more distance allowed than Qi (which would allow it to be built invisible into furniture). Another main advantage of wireless charging is the fact the device could...
 This article should have been about the action of Trent and the story behind it. Not about the used 5S or facetime, and certainly not with the last two paragraphs of this article which make the action into an Apple advertisement. I get some pretty serious things thrown at me, but everyone finds it completely normal that a sad story is used for the promotion of apple technology. "Apple has presented FaceTime in a series of emotionally touching ads that focus on the value...
 Next time I'll chuckle as well
I understand your point and appreciate your reaction. I just don't agree. I don't understand the "fanatic" approach to iDevices. I have an iPad, it works fine, happy with it, but that's it. If it were not available I would have used other tools, and would be as satisfied. Using a lumia 800 as my primary phone, works fine as well. If I have offended 'Freerange', I apologize, but he/she did not respond. Others were offended because I criticized the, in my eyes, unnecessary...
 How inconsiderate of you to assume my parents are still alive and the need for you to bring them up in this discussion, while my father passed away 12 years ago (Melanoma (skin-cancer)). During his sickness he had no need for videochats or phonecalls, I took a long leave from my work and stayed with him.
 Thanks, but I should have known once the argument contains sickness or children any criticism is never welcome. Should just have focussed on the part 'Thank you SJ for bringing so much to so many!'. Nobody is ever thanking others for the work they did, as if mobile networks, arm chips,lion technology, lcd screens etc. just suddenly appeared with the launch of the iphone. They should not be thanked because it was just technological progress, and so was the iPhone. Standing...
Because there was no video chat before facetime ?
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