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  Just read this today : http://english.yonhapnews.co.kr/techscience/2012/08/13/8/0601000000AEN20120813001600320F.HTML   I think there is a lot of development going on in the field of batteries (not only for devices but also for electric cars) but it just hasn't paid off yet, or is still not practical.   b.t.w. my link about fast charging comes from south-korea, ironic ? ;)
  It might not be what you want, but adding AMOLED, >3.5" displays, removable battery, Android (notification/widgets), consumer choice, low price point etc.etc. to me constitues as adding value for the consumer.
  See post #2, samsung have had this technology in AMOLED displays for some years now (if I recall correctly it was introduced with the first Galaxy S)
  As Han states in his presentation, he is merely building upon the work did before him (20 years), so maybe he did not think it was patentable.   When developing new software you constantly perform micro-innovations (if you would like to call it innovation at all, you're finding solutions to technical/procedural/user interface problems). These should not even be patentable, but as software patents have been possible for the last couple of decennia you get all these...
  If it differs enough from the in-cell touchscreen which Samsung en AU Optronics have developed for the AMOLED displays which came to market 2~3 years ago. This is for IPS screens so it will probably differ enough.
  Actually the first LG Prada had this kind of packing before the first iPhone came out, and they were probably not the first as well.
  Or not-crap like the Galaxy S3
And we all think Apple does not compare iOS to android usings sheets and states   * We need to alter notifications and have them drop from the top bar * We need to have camera button on the lock screen   yeah right, Apple developed those features with designers who had been locked in an isolation cell since 2004...
  You're right, but as the case was made regarding the design and not the technical insides, my opinion still stands. From a design and usability point of view the Samsung version is the better version for me.
  I have both, they are not clones, and actually the samsung version is a much improved version of the apple because of the much better grip.   Also see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PDMI   Things look alike, yes, that's the case everywhere I look, and only Apple is making this into a big issue. Every led tv looks alike, radio's use the same controls, music players all use the same icons etc.etc.   Apple reminds me of Disney. They were "inspired" by all the great tales and...
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