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Or maybe after a pilot they decided it was just wiser to use a tablet like the Panasonic toughbook, which can handle some abuse and mild weather/water along with anti-glare screens.
Let's hope it's A15 core based... see A15 dual core benchmarks combined with the current PowerVR
I had my doubts as well, until I saw the 1920x1200 panels arrive at CES in a number of android tablets. They are not yet available for consumers, but they were also not one-offs for the CES.
I don't see how this comparison can be made. I should trust the browser maker to not have holes like this in its product, instead of hoping the hackers won't touch it. You analogy with stealing cars is also a little bit strange, but still I'll go into that : If you only count on the ethics of others to protect your property you'll be in for a shocker. I lock my car and expect the law enforcement in my area to offer enough service to discourage potential theft. I don't rely...
You can spin this story as much as you want but it starts with a 'bug' in Safari. If Safari just did not have this 'technical quirk' there would have been no problem. It's like blaming a hacker for using a weakness in the OS. Sure it's not nice of him/her to use it, but the real blame is with the OS vendor.
You're absolutely right. This has existed for 5 years, and was really simple to implement. I did get to see it in real life myself and it's really stunning. After these projects he worked for MS (kinect) and is now working at Google according to his blog
Reminds me of the Johnny Chung Lee Wii Hack with head tracking
As Android is linux based, and runs a linux kernel, you might call all android tablet, linux tablets.
Nothing significant? 7" kindle eating up the bottom market share (no discussion if it's even the same market), and quad core 1920x1200 tablets showing up. ICS unifying smartphone and tablet android OS. You might says apple beats them on quality/usability or whatever, but there's a lot going on that's quite significant. Oh wait, another news article based on the opinion of an analyst....
Like this one from HP with 288 arm cpu's per 4U...
New Posts  All Forums: