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I have two of these sticks, and they are full blown android devices so the quote 'though they can only be used as media players, and not for surfing the Web' is absolutely wrong. Only problem with them is they have no touchscreen, and you have to use a mouse (which works fine in most cases). I bought them for development of a cheap plugin kiosk system where our customers only supply the touchscreen (which emulate the mouse via usb connection)
You can recompile for the x86 ndk (or use emulation, but this has a performance hit), not a big deal, and comparable to offering 32 and 64 bit binaries on iOS. And ofcourse you have to use the NDK in the first place (most games do, most apps don't)
http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/smartphones/smartphones.html All are pretty obscure, but I expect numerous new devices (tablets first) with baytrail and android. Oak trail will optimise for battery usage (from what I read) and would be targeted at phones. All remains to be seen until we have actual products in hand. Intel is handling the android port itself.
 Or they simply jump ship to Intel baytrail z3770 and its successors which currently trump the A7 in most benchmarks. http://www.anandtech.com/show/7335/the-iphone-5s-review/5 That's the advantage Android has, they can jump ship to whatever hardware platforms offers best in class. (Note : I did not see any battery usage benchmarks on the baytrail yet, anyone ?)
A bit deceptive to show one of the graphs for the battery benchmark where the 5s wins ( 30m), while the other bench (browsing using wifi, which is 90% of my web browsing) shows the lg g2 ( 2h), note3 ( 1h) and htc one x( 1h) beating out the 5s by a significant margin.
If samsung is 3.4 3.4 4.4 4.4 5.4 = 21 points / 5 = 4.2 and apple is 4.5 4.5 4.5 4.5 1.5 = 19.5 points / 5 = 3.9 using rounding for the stars this scenario (most extreme one) is possible
64 bit is a bit of a gimmick, what really matters is the ARMv8 support.... But try selling that to customers.... Only problem I see here is fragmentation...If the difference is this large, won't we get 5s only apps ?
A few years ago NVidia and ATI where doing the same thing I remember. And how do we know this is not also happening on iOS ? iOS (non-jailbreak) lacks the tools to detect these kind of things. Edit : Found my answer in the comments from Anand : "We have some internal tools to poke around at frequency, A7 appears to behave honestly. I explored this issue with engineers at a couple of different companies who were also interested in finding out the answer. Finally, much of...
 Yeah, I always give my kids 600 euro gifts for christmas.... not... ;) If you do, you got your priorities wrong in my opinion.
A bit of apples and oranges if you compare 5s+5c to previous year 5. Should have compared to 5+4s   Still a mighty achievement.
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