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I hope Apple copies the Asus Transformer concept, that dock is perfect with it's additional battery to charge the tablet and the very sturdy mounting really turning it into a netbook
So much wrong with your reaction, where should I start. Post did not say MS invented kinect, but sponsored the innovation (by giving it a podium with xbox). Windows Phone is not the same UI as Zune and it's (personal opinion) not horrible. Read some reviews from indepedent parties, almost all reviews are very positive about WP7.5. A complete failure in the marketplace by introducing for instance the lumia 800 in a limited number of european countries and selling 1 million...
So they're mimicking Apple in their hardware-software integration. Bold new move from Sony... oh wait, what do you call the Playstation 1/2/3/Portable ?
SACD Flac rips would indeed be a pretty bit step up from the current. Size would be an issue, and of course most music does not benefit from the SACD treatment
In 20 years Neil Young will be 86 years old, or do you admit not knowing who Neil Young is (and he probably inspired Steve Jobs, a wild guess as I do not know his musical taste)
As China already owns $895.6 billion in US bonds as well(link) you could say they already are.
I thought Apple was selling them as fast as they can have them manufactured already...
I find it quite astounding why so many people keep paying the apple tax. It might be worth it in some cases, but in any other business consumers would not accept such high margins for stuff they buy. Only product without any real 'apple tax' is the iPad in my opinion, but with the iPhone costing almost double (without contract) as an Galaxy S2 in my country it's hard to justify this price difference (even if you say ios is superior to Android, which I find debatable)
The biggest problem with this whole lawsuit is not the lawsuit itself but whoever allowed the community design and gave it a legal status. The sketches are far too generic. Seems related to the 'trivial' software patents which should also have not been allowed.
As I'm Dutch I'll react... Absolutely no problem with your suggestion, as long as you don't claim the paintings are real van Goghs. Samsung has never sold their galaxy tab as an 'Apple iPad'
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