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 Any scanner will do 2400x4800 scanning, and most laser printers can do 1200 dpi printing. That leaves the transparent laser printer media which I still have (used for the old-fashioned overhead-projector) and the woodglue. So no special equipment needed. Note : They state a 2400dpi photograph, not scan... Don't know if that makes a difference.
So what this means for me as an enduser without an A7, is I will get updates for all my apps without actual updates but with larger universal binaries. Sounds a bit like a period with my iPad2 where I got all these updates which didn't update anything but enlarged the footprint of all my apps (and gave space issues on my 16Gb version) because I needed to download all retina graphics etc.
"Released in late 2011, ARMv8 represents a fundamental change to the ARM architecture. It adds a 64-bit architecture, named "AArch64", and a new "A64" instruction set" "ARM announced their Cortex-A53 and Cortex-A57 cores on 30 October 2012" As Samsung uses these designs, everyone should have known since 2011 (or 30 oct 2012) that samsung would be offering a 64 bit ARM design
1) There are some phones with the Intel Z2420 chip inside, which from my information is also 64 bit, so no...2) Both S4 and HTC One have burst mode and 120fps (albeit not in 720p)3) Andoid has featured interactive wallpapers using this parallax effect for many years. Note, this only works on the homescreen, so no "deep" OS integration4) see above, motorola android phones have a dedicated sensor coprocessor. Qualcomm also employs a 'sensor core', do not know if it's...
Normal tactics would have been to offer the "old" 5 for this price, which would have been a great deal, but now they keep the price and downgrade the offering from a 5 to a 5C
And on the same day, tens maybe even hundreds of other doctors completed the same operation without the aid of an ipad without any complications.
Increased 10% from ? and decreased 27% from ?   How can you report relative numbers per device, without mentioning the previous absolute value
It's not 3% but 3 million which is 7.4% according to the tables ?!?   7.4% is quite a decent effort for a newcomer
In 2009 they released http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_s9110-2885.php and there even was a samsung smart watch in 2003.   Also Samsung has been showing flexible displays for a couple of years now (but have failed to bring them to market yet)
Some UI suggestions which I would like to see on the ipad (some small, some large)   * Kill a program from the tasklist by using a swipe (need to do this too often for the daily challenges in where's my water to work.... he, it's important to me) * Rich content for the icons, simple-widgets... Now only a number can be shown, but a little bit more info would be nice * Allow me to remove any icon I want * Allow groups/folders to hold an infinite number of...
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