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  Or use a s-lcd3 like the HTC One, smaller 4.7" screen, full RGB and 1080p, so 461 (real) PPI
You're missing the point completely, never did I say the S4 is perfect, the best (android or overall) phone or anything else. I just said that you cannot call a device where every single element of it has been updated an 'iterative' update. Why you're turning this into a android vs ios discussion is also a riddle to me.
"largely iterative", "evolutionary update"   while the s4 has the following changes   * body is smaller, despite a larger screen * weight reduced * screen is larger * resolution is up to 1080p * camera resolution up to 13mp * memory increased to 2Gb * faster cpu * faster gpu * newer wifi with ac support * touchscreen has hover and glove support * new sensors (temp/humidity) * larger battery   How much needs to be changed to not call it...
Why can an idea for a technology be patented ?!   This sounds like patenting the anti-gravity suit, and when someone actually develops the technology for it claiming : yes, that's exactly what I meant....   Samsung has shown for a couple of years actual technical implementation of flexible screen, this would only be a practical implementation of that technical invention.
I specifically stated the 2-tone design which can be seen on the one-s, the legend, the desire, the sensation.   like http://www.htcsensation.nl/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/HTC-Sensaiton-XL.jpg.   Where all other phones were mostly one color, HTC has done the 2-tone backs (and sometimes front) for some time. One reason I never liked them, and I also don't like it on the iPhone5.   The chamfered edges remind me more of the iPod/iPad, and the first artist impressions of the...
  My first reaction when seeing the Iphone5  2-tone back was that they'd taken this specific design cue from HTC which has been doing these 2-tone designs for a couple of generations (one of the reason I did not like them)
That's the OSX version not the iOS one.
  What Apple is doing to OSX in implementing iOS features does not paint a very clear picture to me.   I also highly doubt he hasn't tried windows 8 or surface at all. If only to qualify it as a non-competitor (which is not my opinion by the way, I think MS has nailed the one-OS-fits all quite nicely, especially since you also have desktop mode)   Only time will tell...
  Main reason for me in buying a smaller tablet is for putting it inside a pocket of a coat/jacket, - no check....   Why make it smaller but not to the point of where the size begins to matter. I use a tablet for business and 10" and 7" is the difference between bringing along a tablet versus having a tablet with you regardless of having to use it.
Actually, the jury needed to validate the patent agains prior art as well (as brought to the case by Samsung). But that fantastic head of the jury convinced everyone that prior art was a non-issue and they just needed to determine infringement and damages.
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