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As the biggest threat to Apple, who sells 100% of what they can manufacture, is not being able to manufacture in great numbers, I would say this is not only bad for Samsung.
 re 1, you're right, I editted it right away, even before I read your comment. I was being a bit too optimistic ;)
  Where is confirmation it will have a A6 SoC ? I would put my money on it getting a A5 (32nm version like in the new ipad 2). That SoC is beginning to seriously show it's age as can be seen from the benchmarks when the iPhone5 was introduced.
  It's 7" (16:10) with 1280x800 display (216ppi, I'll leave it to Apple marketing to define if that's retina), new 32Gb model will be out this week voor $249.   iPad mini with suggested 7.85" 4:3 1024x768 display will have 163ppi
  Or people who buy the mini and already have an iPad.   I found the title somewhat difficult to comprehend (not a native english speaker, so maybe that's the problem?). I would have said every 1 in 5 persons who buy an iPad mini will do so instead of buying the iPad 2/3
  They just posted $7.3 billion profit last quarter on smartphone business alone. The fine is costing them more than they would like to, but their tactics have still worked out quite well.
  I think it's pretty disrespectful and overall not very nice to do that to any guest.
  The term apps has been used for as long as 'applications' have existed as the most used abbreviation. As for the word 'store' I think you get the idea.   I wonder if the combination of 2 generally used words is in any way protectable..
  Please look at the big title on the graph "Google Play App Installs".   The blogpost has a title which states downloads, but this seems to be wrong with regards to the graph.
  Just saying if I search for certain games on my iPad I get 4 versions of the same game presented to me. I'm not calling it fragmentation. I would like to call this inflation of app numbers as this happens quite a lot. You could call Angry Birds HD the tablet version of the app, but the game is identical both in gameplay and layout, only different resolution resources.   What I would call a separate tablet version in its simplest form is for instance email clients with...
New Posts  All Forums: