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  Just saying if I search for certain games on my iPad I get 4 versions of the same game presented to me. I'm not calling it fragmentation. I would like to call this inflation of app numbers as this happens quite a lot. You could call Angry Birds HD the tablet version of the app, but the game is identical both in gameplay and layout, only different resolution resources.   What I would call a separate tablet version in its simplest form is for instance email clients with...
Not only lite (Free) and paid, but often iphone (normal)/ ipad (hd) versions as well.   One thing Microsoft did right in their store, every app has a trial which is the same entry as the full version, just with 2 buttons, try or buy. Hope Apple goes that route as well. But hey, I'm already glad I don't get the login anymore for updates of my apps ;)
  Didn't know Microsoft made Windows Phone hardware.....
I would go as far as to say that within 10 years we will not be using physical connectors anymore for these mobile devices, so another new physicial connector is not to be expected indeed.   Any data connection (also audio/video) will be wireless (BT, WiDi, WiFi etc.) and by then Apple will probably have jumped on wireless charging as well as this offers nice design opportunities.
  So I should switch back to my Nokia 6310i ? Although I will also get battery life of 4 weeks+ when I do.... tempting ;)   Or a Nokia C5 with 2.5 weeks battery life, oh no, that one already had navigation with hi-quality worldwide maps.
  It's been out for almost a year on the lumia 800/900... If anything Nokia has a perfect mapping solution.
  Look at a Nokia Lumia with high-quality maps, public transport and turn-by-turn navigation, worldwide and free
  And just to add another factor. I've read reports which have suggested newer ARM cores could employ turbo modes just like Intel desktop processors. So when a benchmark runs and only stresses one core, this core gets 'overclocked' as long as its within the thermal evelope.   This is one of the issues I have with some benchmarks. Sometimes a SoC uses more power while stressed but it's doing the work faster as well so in practice it would use more power but for a shorter...
  Absolutely, the new Lumia 920 has the Qualcomm S4, and the new wp8 ie10 browser, so should do a lot better (I hope for them ;)
  As a general point, people often state multi cores are not handy because each process is single-threaded and most mobile apps do not employ multithreading. However, with multiple cores processes can be run on different cores. So a single core javascript benchmark can run on one, and for instance whatsapp and other multitasking processes can run on other cores. So with multiple cores and single-threaded apps you will see better performance because the processes do not...
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