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  How can you force the use of 1 cpu core from javascript ? You cannot as javascript has no notion of cpu cores or affinity.   I know most javascript engines use only 1 core (although IE uses multithreading for compiling and running) but in speculation maybe the biggest change with ios6 is the new javascript engine in mobile safari which uses both cores.   That's why the performance with a 4S with ios 6 is relevant. Googling found a few results which show the 4S went from...
  So as per the previous discussion with Geekbench, the single core Atom actually does quite well compared to the dual core A6.   My own opinion is that Ghz and core count is irrelevant, performance / Watt is the only relevant number for these kinds of devices and the iPhone5 is a winner in that regard.
They should have added both 4S iOS 5 and 4S iOS 6 results as any speed increase in sunspider cannot be attributed to the SoC alone.
  Something the Qualcomm S4 has already shown to be able to do a couple of months ago.
  have a look at a single core lumia 800, now that's a fast UI, with live tiles as well and not static icons...
  What might be impressive is not the score itself, but the score relative to its power usage, but that remains to be seen as no data is available yet. And that result should also be compared to the used lithography.
  What's impressive with besting a Galaxy S3 with 0.8%, while that S3 has been out for 4 months, or a tegra 3 device with 0.1% while that same tegra 3 has been out for almost a year ?   It's already well known that a Qualcomm S4 with dual krait cores is about the same speed as a quad core ARM A9 device, depending on the task at hand.   Within the next months we'll see the first real A15 dual cores, and even A15 quad cores, which will probably double these figures again...
What's missing from this news item is very important, here's the quote from Engadget :      So for all we know, Apple did infringe and should have paid license fees, but the ITC simply states it cannot do anything, not even investigate properly, because Samsung does not have a domestic business so in their definition there can not be any economic harm and thus no sentencing.   Sounds very strange to me from a country which projects it's own laws on other countries (see...
  Did you read http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/152341/apple-adapters-for-new-9-pin-dock-to-cost-10-cables-will-be-19-report   At least at first Apple will be the sole supplier of the new dock connector cables, of course it's a rumor, but so is the whole new dock connector
Backside touchscreen reminds me a lot of   Do not know why no devices using this tech have been released yet (PS vita has only a limited implementation of this technology)
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