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What I found impressive was the jbl dock demo (although it didn't quite go smooth). He just placed the lumia on the speaker dock and it switched to wireless streaming of the music to the dock, and the dock began charging the device.   It's pretty ironic Apple will be introducing a new dock connector, whereas Nokia is showing that the device should have no dock connector whatsoever. A move I would have expected from Apple.   Ofcourse we'll have to see if the...
  My posts were #3 and #6, so don't really understand you comment.
  Quite an accomplishment...   You can be free (linux) but still people stay with XP   You can be a successor (vista/7) but people stay with XP   You can be presumably better (OS-X) but people stay with XP.   Is it that good ? :)
Although the title is textually correct, I would say Vista lost share to "pass" OS-X ?   The main point of this news in other media was that Windows 7 finally passed Windows XP.
I read today Samsung was showing of a 13" laptop with 2560x1440 resolution at IFA, so the MacBook 13" Retina seem certain, as the display is the most technically challenging feature of it.
Great, but first filter out spam messages based on simple subject or header rules.....   seem to be a simple feature, but still lacking...
  Their explanation of what it might be might be flawed, but they do bring up some good points regarding the antenna needed for NFC, and why this specific chip is not NFC.
The Anandtech article is a really good analysis of what to expect based on history, I do hope they are wrong on some points though.   Would love to see Apple release an A15 based A6 SoC, or maybe using the Qualcomm S4.
  No it does not invalidate them, but it was a reaction to the statement that Apple earns it patents, and Google buys them.   Samsung has a very large patent portfolio and a very large R&D department, it's a shame it wasn't used for their Galaxy S ;)   But the main reason why Samsung is the leading supplier of parts and sometimes the only on who can deliver (iPad retina screen) is because of all their R&D in production, screen technologies etc.   Again, they should have...
  You mean the fingerworks patents which form the basis of most of their touch patents ?   Google buys patents, Microsoft buys patents, Apple buys patents Google earned patents with their own work, so has Microsoft and so has Apple
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