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  True, that's what he said, but I'm pretty sure no one was building skins, or anything for that matter, for Windows Mobile 6 in 2010 anymore... Even Microsoft had abandoned the platform by 2010.
  And as each competitor has patents, why not cross-license everything with everyone. So everyone can use apple patents, and apple does not need to pay for frand or other patents. Everything levels out and no-one has to pay anything....   Public domain, sounds great
  Windows Mobile 6.x was mentioned, and the skin and other concepts were available for Pocket PC 2003 way before 2007
  I'm not sure myself ;)   In his(her?) post SolipsismX makes a lot of excellent points, and it's quite hard to come up with a better alternative for the current system.
  Great example, I've programmed games in the distant past (6502 era) and everyone was using the same tricks they saw in other games. Like parallax scrolling, double buffering etc. Glad they were never patented ;)
  Patents were to protect the inventor from making all the costs to invent, and have others steal the invention and profit from the invention, while the inventor did not profit. That's kind of hard to keep up when the "inventor" is the company with the largest market cap ever (note, not if corrected for inflation). Of course the patent law should be the same for every company, and Apple has full rights to claim patents and fight for them when they are awarded. It just...
Congratulations to Apple, but most of these serve as perfect examples why software patents should not have been introduced....   These are not inventions, but programming solutions.
  You're absolutely right... Google has filed for a patent in 2009 for the notification center and it's dropdown. Once this patent is granted we'll have to see what Google will do with it, but I think chances are they'll ask Apple for licensing fees, and if Apple refused this will lead to new lawsuits...   These software patents really need to stop, but I doubt they will.
  First off, I really like Windows Phone, my wife has a lumia 800 and it's really different and very nice to use....but....   It has a slide to unlock, pinch-to-zoom in the pictures library and a bouncy effect when you scroll a list too far...
  Quite right, but I have not heard of any apple products being delayed because of manufacturing problems with Samsung, the A4/A5/A5X are all deliverd in great numbers and meeting the quality demands Apple has. The new old ipad 2 is also getting the smaller lithography A5 SoC produced by Samsung without big problems. I have heard of numerous NVidia cards which were delayed because of TSMC problems. Also have heard of quality issues with LG/Sharp regarding iPad retina...
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