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I siad it before, apple is going completely 64 bits on/with the (new) iPads... And ultimately with the phones. and the iPad air will be the "base" model. (Or because i have an iPad air... The "forever" model)
Oh taylor, when will you "swift"-ly leave the music business?
What is a four letter word that starts with "F" yes it's synonymous with "F*cked" and that word is "FISA"... Get and you are "f"ed, no recourse, no fighting it, just do it. Thus Apple is synonymous with privacy, until they get "F"ed a FISA order... Luckily, if you can call it that, it also can not be publicized thus you can be super private and slip out the odd info bit , due to the FISA.
So disingenuous about the size of the storage on phones... They do it so they can get the extra money from the upgrade. (Yes i have a 128GB ipad Air... I "suckered" myself into that 300 dollar upgrade... 100$ to 32, 100$ to 64, 100$ to 128... Of course now it is now 100$ cheaper to get that memory size on the ipad2... BUT they still have the 16 GB version... It should be a minimum of 32 GB or 64GB... I think that the SURFACE 3 from microsoft has 64GB standard... Apple...
Dear Apple, instead of being self-serving... How about adding an extra 100 dollars of SSD storage, or RAM to your products?... Specifically the iPad which should have 64GB standard.
...comfortable in your padded cell?...
Remember when the Late Steve Jobs made Jony Ive equal in "power" to Steve Jobs?.. This new designation does a great job of describing his role at Apple. That is, he is in charge of all design elements, not executive, operational or financial things in the company... Of course ., if the Design elements encroach upon the E,O,F needs he most likely needs to get the guaranteed YES reply to his request. But, it will still require asking even if the answer is Moot (always...
You the clichè... Lipstick on a pig... LOL. could not resist
It is a copyright issue... Remember the swiss clock face copyright issue for the clock icon?... bingo!.
Wow!... nidec the king of Fans...( industrial fans) i remember nidec from 20 years ago, their fans are "bomb proof" except noisy (of course, a fan's job is not to just move air, but to cool!... So sound is secondary) BTW, AAC technologies is Dead... they certainly have earned some bad ju-ju. with F'ing up the taptic sensor.. WHEN all is said and done ALWAYS have Two sources for every part (golden rule for manufacturing ) only Intel breaks that rule... (And they even...
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