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To sum the article that i linked to up, kids (5-13) year olds need about 3 hours of sunlight... march madness tends to be for people who will not get myopic! Meaning after 18, you are, or you are not, myopic and nothing is going to change that..
Great, so my kids can spend "60 dollars" on tchotchke coins, in a stupid app!... When that money would be better spent on outdoor equipment. Remember if a kid spends to much time indoors they may become myopic!... http://www.nature.com/news/the-myopia-boom-1.17120?WT.mc_id=TWT_NatureNews
AFAIK, the present AppleTV is 32 bits. So The new AppleTV will be 64 bits and be inline with all other iStuff... (And all of the non 64 bit iPad's / iPod's will be discontinued... Anything before the iPad Air) The New AppleTV also means new iPod Touches ... And Every Apple device will be 64Bits to provide a cohesive programming environment. (Apple watch...i do not know if it will be 64bits because of power/ embedded Concerns...)
I think they need a team of "reviewers" to try to replace the Late Steve jobs' ability to "sublimate" features, and functions of a device to allow it to "leave home, and enter the real world"...
That is what i figured, after reading the fine print on the applecare+...
But with apple care+, drops and liquids are covered... Nothing else, unless it is a freak accident, and can prove it as such. Dropping it in a lake/ocean may be frowned upon. I had to return my ipad because the volume down button was stuck... and i did get the feeling they DID NOT trust me!... How can someone make the volume down button get stuck!?. I got the same air pad model, so much for getting the newest model replacing the old (it was a 128Gb cell iPad Air)...
Ya, i'm sure "corporate's" want to pay for netflix bandwidth on the company dime!... It is a good thing that Netflix is not available on Blackberry devices!... At least from a corporate stand point.
my question is... why the DED hate?....so now we need phones that detect moving cell phone towers!... LOLALERT!...ALERT!... cell phone tower moving!... LOLso we need a fixed mode, so in this mode, your phone will not hand off to another cell tower... (meaning you must remain still to talk)
hmm, they hire the owner of anandtech, and they start crawling web sites?...
such a cross to bear!... how will i ever get though it!... with a "swype" of finger, 99 cents wasted!... /sarcasm.
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