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20% premium over which sets?... the average set price at walmart ?... if so then, as usual, Customers are being disingenuous. (20% more on a cheap set, is still a cheap set) the iPad is the state-of-the-art tablet in both price and features, but in the tv market you only get one or the other...and every one wants SOTA at cheap prices SONY (perhaps Panasonic too) is a brand that is over all a quality brand. SONY still is if you consister a 25000 dollar, 4k resolution,...
so what. does this guy say about Amazon?.... up, up and away?, how can that be?... amazon makes trinkets!.
LOL, well, then why is Gatorguy's post always perfect, and error free (aside from the facts IMO/ LOL) . it takes alot of time/skill to get the perfect facts to Reinforce his/her Agenda... Ah, the irony of too many facts.Has Gatorguy ever said something against SAMSUNG?,(or tried to prove that Samsung is wrong?)yet, it does not prove the " professional shill" accusations, but if he is working for any company that he comments on it is a conflict of interest because, one...
so at a"bread crumb" trail feature to maps... if you can get it the area, you should be able to get out in reverse.... (or never go into a place that you can't get out in reverse...) ie... in the desert/foret , prevent yourself from going in circles... (and how should apple show the "Man eating crocadiles"/ deadily spiders/deadly snakes on the map of Australia?) /Facetious
props to apple for caring about the insides of the person... cue the explaination for... the difference between Transsexual vs Transvestite... A Transsexual is for real (they permanently change their gender) and A Transvestite is some one who "dresses" up as a woman... the offense is when you mix up the two. and the gender of a transsexual is the gender they are now, not the gender they were born with.
and coming soon to BEST BUY... the new quote "I just SHV'ed a customer!"... LOL
put the assembly line for imacs in the Now defunct plant for Twinkies... LOL
Apple probably has agreed to tell HTC how to make their Android phones not look like Apple iPhones... and all previous and present phones can be sold (if they cannot be updated) but all new phones after the agreement date need to NOT look like iPhones... and any similiarities be toned down to the point of "operation" and not feature. meaning if i turn on an HTC phone, i should not think hey, this is an iPhone, but instead "i can get use to this, yet it isn't an iPhone..."
WOW, every computer that I own, was purchased and made myself using a screwdriver. I used components purchased locally in Canada, but it was still assembled in china!!! LOL
LOL, all depends on which side you are on "him" or "her"...
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