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bold text... wow, you are right!... if theyoutube video had shown the loading from the front, it would have been dismissed, because the screen would have been supposedly destroyed, and people would have thought who presses on their iPhone like that. Meaning the payday the YouTube's author get would have been nothing.
appleinsider forums censor swear words... soooooo.... (and most likely derogatory terms too... such as the c..t word, the n....r word, the f.g word, the f....t word, who knows maybe even the l word...)i am sensing a bit of sarcasm... I am not making Steve Jobs out to be a person who never swore... (how would i really know?, irrespective of the alleged reports of his "tyrant" behavior, reading his book, hearing of the respect people gave him, the reports that he loved...
one does not ever need to swear...it is a sign of a bad vocabulary, yet it can be used for shock value. and in my quote from the late Steve Jobs it was used effectively. IMOBTW, one does not need to earn the ability to swear because it is rarely ever need... (And why this site "edits" swearing... But it should be edited, not censored.)I would surmise that Steve Jobs did not swear ever... (Being a "tyrant" is sometimes more effective :no)
i can hear the late Steve Jobs yelling from his grave, "what does an update supposed to do?... (explanation) so why the f .*.c.k does it not do that...?" BTW, ARE WE NOT ADULT ENOUGH THAT SWEARING IS ACCEPTABLE?... I had to edit the f*** word so it would not be censored... If you need to censor because of your "sensitive" audience keep the first and last letter!
Actually all company's want dual sources for the IC's. back in the day, AMD Received the intel license to manufacture x86 chips due to the second source requirements of IBM...thus Apple might be using Samsung as a second source (although TSMC is the chip foundry that chipworks says that is making the A8)...but if you have a large enough foundry, it might not matter...
lol and this is why we can't drink nice things around computers lol ...also don't spill coffee with cream in it on to a keyboard...
my problem with the healthkit trademark is that is too close to the trademark for the electronic kits that were know as heathkit... but that was 30-40 years ago. so, maybe it is just me... i have to look twice to see that it is healthkit, not heathkit.
wow, a real life person that is the exact character on the show "parks and recreation"... "https://twitter.com/MusaTariq"
which country do these rumours belong too?... is does not matter if the sapphire market is 10% down, Apple is insulated from any Sapphire market woes... now the other Guy that is making Sapphire have big problems... remember GTAT warned Apple way back about Sapphire market woes, Apple does not care because they effectively " leased" GTAT for the Sapphire requirements Apple needs.
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