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odd, dont blame the user?. how does one debug a system?... YES IMO 700 apps is too much, and. apparently too much for a iPhone 6+. #fullgate, LOLseriously, 500 apps that have ads in them, that is going to cause problems...(of course, if they could fit 700 apps on a 64G iPhone, why did it not crash... so thinking about that makes me wonder it it is even true)and what is the max number of apps that can be on an iPhone 64G?... and does that number crash the iPhone 6+ 128GB?...
Does the same thing happens on a 128G iPad Air (not a iPad air 2, it has 2G memory) 700 apps... and they are all free?... the ad retrieval must be a nightmare on those phones... probably runs out of memory space, caching, sorting the ad data for 700 apps. how about getting rid of all apps that are free or at least all apps that are ad supported.( or "phone home" ) and see if the problem still exists. or erase the list of apps that you have run... double click home...
its over for GTAT, Apple should get the remaing inventory(and all IP) and then get Corning to resume operations... Otherwise, this grand Adventure into an American run Sapphire plant is over!. Apple should not have a hard time sourcing Sapphire in China... BTW, Tim Cook does not suffer fools gladly!... only under duress (see Samsung, lol) so it is "bye,bye" GTAT.
thing is (not sure about chapter 11 or chapter 7 insolvency) but going bankrupt means all contracts are null and void... apple has a huge contract with them, but they loaned them the 560 million... so apple is goimg to be first it line for the company. far all we know, the apple (arizona plan) is a seperate division from GTAT... and perhaps that is not affected... in any case, Apple gets it's Sapphire and then writes off the loan against apple's income taxes... if so,...
trollish comment... as you are well aware,Tim Cook's COO performance was stellar if not Genius, and I am sure many would argue that he was (still is) the world's best COO.perhaps, you are confusing CEO, with COO. Even so, Tim Cook is not just a good CEO, because have things improved for Apple?. Is Apple making more money than it ever has?. if so then he is GREAT CEO.
bold text... wow, you are right!... if theyoutube video had shown the loading from the front, it would have been dismissed, because the screen would have been supposedly destroyed, and people would have thought who presses on their iPhone like that. Meaning the payday the YouTube's author get would have been nothing.
appleinsider forums censor swear words... soooooo.... (and most likely derogatory terms too... such as the c..t word, the n....r word, the f.g word, the f....t word, who knows maybe even the l word...)i am sensing a bit of sarcasm... I am not making Steve Jobs out to be a person who never swore... (how would i really know?, irrespective of the alleged reports of his "tyrant" behavior, reading his book, hearing of the respect people gave him, the reports that he loved...
one does not ever need to swear...it is a sign of a bad vocabulary, yet it can be used for shock value. and in my quote from the late Steve Jobs it was used effectively. IMOBTW, one does not need to earn the ability to swear because it is rarely ever need... (And why this site "edits" swearing... But it should be edited, not censored.)I would surmise that Steve Jobs did not swear ever... (Being a "tyrant" is sometimes more effective :no)
i can hear the late Steve Jobs yelling from his grave, "what does an update supposed to do?... (explanation) so why the f .*.c.k does it not do that...?" BTW, ARE WE NOT ADULT ENOUGH THAT SWEARING IS ACCEPTABLE?... I had to edit the f*** word so it would not be censored... If you need to censor because of your "sensitive" audience keep the first and last letter!
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