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and from the wiki on " bell canada corporation" bell licensed the patent from Alexander Graham Bell the rest is history...
"[sic]" means quote the person, with spelling errors. meaning you know that it is spelt wrong, but you want to exactly quote them.
The New iPhone (6th gen) LOLi concur....ding! ding! ding!... we have a winner!
does Google really delete Data?... or do they just flag it "not for display?".
ROFLlol squared!
it is true!, you are working at Google!...
um... it's worth what I paid for it?... i don't have an iPhone... but i do have the new iPad...
oh ignore this post... shes married...say it isn't so... oh well, she left because things with the CEO are getting serious or not.anyways, the photo on the cover of the US magazine, makes her a geek, more than the pub photo of her in the red dress.my guess is that she has become HOT, and wants to move on to new challenges (social, and job wise)though the hint that marrissa's name and things about her being censored on google is funny...
  LOL   funny, goto "barbie . com", click on the collector/designer barbie, you will find it there. problem is that it was an extremely limited edition, and was sold-out immediately. (IMO it was the only barbie worth owning... but I digress)   and for what it is worth...that barbie was probably most realistic barbie made, ironically. (all the others have the form of unrealistic expectations of the female form) 
the proview case?
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