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go texas!... go big or go Home. or is that put up a big fuss, then go home... LOL. we don't need no stinkin' Apple building here or taxes, or jobs... on a similiar topic..(in a far-far away place compared to Texas). funny story; a co-gen plant has been bulit in missisauga on the north side of the 401 ... it was to be built on the south side directly across from where it is now... why ? in seems that mississauga wanted taxes( or conditions not sure) that were too...
Samsung probably has a table if brightness values that they look up, before adjusting the Brightness. (so they dont use a math function, just a look-up table)though... speaking of OLED TV's want to bet on the fact the iPanel ( or the Apple HDTV) is a OLED screen... why else would they need a proper method of adjusting the brightness?.now an OLED screen HDTV from Apple would make sense... it would be a first!
since tallest_skil put emoticons in a post... i assume that knowing the html code for the emoticon of choice "is just the ticket"
nice idea!.... (so how does samsung control the brightness on OLED screens ?) they did not figure this out?... what is the deal with samsung et al. i mean really... Apple makes a prototype and they are the only one who realize that it requires a logarthic function to CORRECTLY adjust the brightness?... when you add two logarthmic values they create a mulitpled value (in effect) and when you subtract two logarthmic values they divide... ( in effect) decibels are a...
coulda, shoulda, woulda but stylus killed the win-d-ows tab-let (sung it to the tune of "video killed the radio star") lol
NO.Tim Cook and others had to set-aside a hefty chunk for taxes... I think it was more than 33%... look for the recent appleinsider article on the executive stock options exercised by Tim Cook and others at Apple...
how true... apple is the "d" in the R/D... or apple only "researches" to support its "development"...but, when Tim Cook says that "we need people to invent their own stuff"... is he saying "use our research; DO NOT copy our development" ... because the money is in development not reasearch...DO don't THINK... IMAO
No, Sh** sherlock... yet MICROSOFT Wants 200 dollar per upgrade every 3 years...hmmm, on an apple-centric web site... you are either trolling or fail at comprehension.
or perhaps not trying to be the first poster in an article... bah-dum-ba/rimshotNEWS-FLASH : i thought proview was fighting over the iPad trademark... not the trademark "likeily"... perhaps a better headline would have been...Proview likeily to settle with Apple over iPad trademark ...so how does one use sarcasm in a headline....
 But Microsoft is treating other tablets differently, hence the additional license fee for non-WIN8RT tablets... Did you(jragosta) read the article for comprehension?
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