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so they lucked out, IMO Tim Cook has "bigger fish to fry".
TROLL much?...
well, iCloud has become like your family that knows all your secrets...you trust your family to keep your secrets from outsiders.
working weekends, is awful... but that is the nature of retail.perhaps a few should leave... some of the male employees look sloppy!... but surprise! female employees wear the same t-shirt uniform, but they do not seem to look sloppy... so either hire more female employees or the male employees should have to wear polo shirts in that apple blue.
political much so where is the wikipedia article on "ivy league" being once funded by the OPIATE TRADE
worst that that, because china already has enough people doing that.on second thought he will be assembling Amazon Fire's
it is one of those weird ads to keep you " in the fold" as opposed to " getting you in the fold"... or " now that were married, let me tell you about..."
death and taxes. ... eventually it happens...
well I HATE that in windows, when you use the scroll bar to get to the end of a list and overshoot the end of the scroll bar, it goes back to where is started from. really, can't window recognize that i am pulling down the scroll bar to the end, and when i get to the bottom of the bar, it(window contents) should stay at the bottom... i'm holding the mouse buttom down, shouldn't it know that I don't want to leave the scroll bar, but get to the end.? MINOR problems such as...
if in doubt... if it is not listed on the box it is not supported... (referring to printers and such) but, in apples case this is not true because they don't list what they support on the box... thus the problem Australia has with this... and just reading the tech. spec on the web site is not acceptable. while wish i lived in australia (for the weather), it seems that a geek is better served living in the northern hemisphere... such as canada and usa... but ironically,...
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