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Everyone has the right to be treated equally... we do not know of your injurys, and do not need to know... i suffer from what is known as "typonese" and proofread, proofread, proofread. to avoid it. sorry TL;DR: So, is it true that they color code the "smocks" to show who is allowed in certain areas? heard about this in an article that described the LCD plants. because they are so secretive (due to competitiion and trade secrets)
that is quite the quick turn-around. or vote.
rather good geek joke, if i do say so myself (a stone is 14 pounds, if others have not done the math... as to why a stone is fourteen pounds, well it is just fourteen pounds )
the green award... for recognition of greening the city of cupertino, awarded to the Late Steve Jobs... (meaning the new office building and the addition of many trees around it.).
like, really... the Australian Gov allows bee commericals that sort of promise a blonde girl upon drink the beer, but after thinking about what has happened in the ad you know it will never hppen. In Canada, those beer ads are Banned, due to "lifestyle ads". we also banned misleading ads... but this apple 4G ad promises UP TO 4gLTE speeds. (somewhere in the world) ... yes maybe not australia, but the Guggenheim museum is in New York, usa. they maybe have a case , if you...
appleinsider really should have posted the picture of the store front. (macrumours) yes the glass is clear... but there are four rows of grey balls on the floor where the display window section is... i would guess four feet worth... and i would assume that they are there to prevent or make it very hard for a smash-and-grab. thus, even if the glass was not there, if woulf be very difficult to walk over those balls. thus it is common sense that you should use the door,...
R.I.P. Steve Jobs. remember he left this world, the day after the 4s launch.
are these app's for "your eyes only"... do they contain sensitive information?... why dont they sell them on the app store?... so these apps are running on custom phones?... hence the not-for-public-consumption... if they sold them they might be able to pay off the debt that the army/navy/air force/marines incurs /SARCASM
but apple's iCloud is not magical, thus they are not apple's seriously, where in the EULA covering the icloud does it say that it is magical and that they own your content?.
when HP spun off the equipment division... that was the beginning if the end of the apple-like HP... does HP sell anything that defines an era? ... HP made the first frequency generator... and the frequency counter with the classic nixie tubes (the vacuum tubes with the numbers the glow invdivually) mad scientist Today their pro division is ok, but really why can't they produce a high-quantity printer that costs 200 dollars and can print 10000 pages on one ink...
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