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it looks like you dont have to boycott Apple... Germany is already doing it for you... via the icloud patent mess etc.Your outrage seems similiar to that German WWII dude.. (hint: that dreaded four letter 'N' word; "get rid of it instead of living with it")
how can " open source" have trade secrets?...
if this is true "it's over Johnny"
OMG... troll much?. Stop with the "Apple stole the GUI" meme.IF anyone stole the "GUI" it was Microsoft.Apple gave Xerox stock to LOOK at their GUI idea... And Apple made it better!. (read the Walter Isaacson book)Cheap does not make a market... i.e. the Amazon Fire tablet.Apple is STATE OF THE ARTthose that buy the iPhone do so because they need it / want it , also the and the iPad, and the iMac and the Airport extreme/ Base station...Customers are like sheep, until...
actually I would think it is a good bet that Apple will be around for "100 years, 1000 years, and 100,000 years" if only to provide service for a 1000 year old iPad LOL!
how so?.. scotts has plenty more stock coming to him... It's most likely due to taxes...funny... scotts making 700G's and the Late Steve Jobs, was making 1$ does that make scott forstalll worth 700 thousand times more than Steve? / RImshot.../sarcasm.
I was wondering about the reason why a company would locate in Ireland.Well Great Britain probably realized that this would happen and thus created the VAT... so while they lose out on Income tax, they do get a guaranteed amount at the Cash register...
( in my best " western drawl"...)Sir, you're not from around these parts are you?
now that is attention to detail.. . why not just replace them with SONY... LOL! i know why!... just joking.
the big problem as I see it, is that everybody in waterloo (Not just RIM) makes excuses for them, thus they live in a bubble.first the Iphone sucks, then the apple hate the "were better than apple... lets copy them", then they release the storm, torch, (which were probably copies of apple prototype with a keyboard) and finally in a fit of hubris release the playbook... which even if it is just-good-enough at 200 dollars, was...
New Posts  All Forums: