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an iPhone is half music/game playing device... (the stuff that the qualcomm chip isn't involved with) so how can they charge 3.25% on the whole device, and not just their chip... at a maximum it should be 10 dollars (for the phone part)...
I thought countries wanted balanced trade. A surplus is where you ship too much; and a deficit is where you receive too much... oh well, economics is one of my weak points...
increase wages, charge more for room and board... at least they will be making what they should have been making, before room and board.
bigger is better, so i'm hoping that iPanel refers to wall sized TV.. 80" inch sharp oh oh yes.
are you kidding... Steve Jobs recommended Tim Cook for CEO, and made sure(and trusted him) by giving him a golden handshake of like 500 million dollars(stock options) after 10 years... just so he would follow Steve's vision for five years. IMO. if anything Steve Jobs knew people, thus Tim Cook was the only person that Steve Jobs would trust with the job.
so they lucked out, IMO Tim Cook has "bigger fish to fry".
TROLL much?...
well, iCloud has become like your family that knows all your secrets...you trust your family to keep your secrets from outsiders.
working weekends, is awful... but that is the nature of retail.perhaps a few should leave... some of the male employees look sloppy!... but surprise! female employees wear the same t-shirt uniform, but they do not seem to look sloppy... so either hire more female employees or the male employees should have to wear polo shirts in that apple blue.
political much so where is the wikipedia article on "ivy league" being once funded by the OPIATE TRADE
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