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lol and this is why we can't drink nice things around computers lol ...also don't spill coffee with cream in it on to a keyboard...
my problem with the healthkit trademark is that is too close to the trademark for the electronic kits that were know as heathkit... but that was 30-40 years ago. so, maybe it is just me... i have to look twice to see that it is healthkit, not heathkit.
wow, a real life person that is the exact character on the show "parks and recreation"... "https://twitter.com/MusaTariq"
which country do these rumours belong too?... is does not matter if the sapphire market is 10% down, Apple is insulated from any Sapphire market woes... now the other Guy that is making Sapphire have big problems... remember GTAT warned Apple way back about Sapphire market woes, Apple does not care because they effectively " leased" GTAT for the Sapphire requirements Apple needs.
i was too, but received the gen6 airport extreme AC for christmas , and even though i dont use the AC feature, it has better range.
Steve Jobs was a Genius!... no flash for you iPads!!!!, iPods, iPhones....
"mostcallmemob" is a bad troll at that... 12 posts... and he then capitulates, (post #106) in effect apologizing!... "another one bites the dust"....lesson to be learned... don't llearn to troll here, or to quote/paraphase Tegan and Sara ... "silly time to learn to swim, when you are drowning..."
watching that video, i marvel at the fact that there is not any product placements for samsung in it... perhaps it was a dig at samsungs executive style?... Samsung Style!..
wow that suckbusters ariticle is such irony....! embarrassment wow, the author had good intentions, and on a blog that dealt with a subject that is important!... but WOW did he completely undermine any credibility he had in "software design"! ... i guess that is why that blog ended in 2009..
" undefined". WTF?... in reference to this post which was reduced to "undefined".... to paraphrase... Gay GOOD, Outing BAD...
New Posts  All Forums: