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rather odd saying that Apple can not make enough retina ipad mini's to meet demand thus they will not release the retina mini... why not let it sell out and still keep selling the regular mini... so if you want a retina mini, wait... otherwise buy a iPad... if apple can't make enough retina mini's... how can Amazon make enough the Fire HD's... lol, how about "just let them buy retina iPads" a joking reference to the meme "well, let them eat cake"...
you really aren't following along are you?... read the first third of the story... and you will realize your post is redundant.
monoprice!!!... and their cables are "made for iPad/iPod" and they are half price!.
if scott is like Steve jobs when he was ousted... he got rid of all apple stock (in this case his apple products) except for one... and because that last stock has a. sentimental value he did not upgrade it... if my wild assumptions are correct, is he rocking a gaxy s4 LOL...all kidding aside i would assume that he upgraded his devices...
Obvious ! so why post ?(also applies to this post lol) Googles WHOLE company is about posting ads which are assured from the personal data that they anonymized because it is worth more than Singular data...if Apple had to survive on AD Revenue Like Google does, Apple would no longer exist....so Gatorguy did you post this on your coffee break at Google, because they stopped the 20% time perk???... (Sorry for the ad hominem attack but I couldn't resist)
IMO ... YOU sir have won the internets today... a 6 out of 5!!!!... upvote!!!!!
i wonder if i take a coin to the paint job on a mercedes, BMW, Rolls-Royce amongst others, should i expect the paint job to withstand that treatment?... should I expect that if you "key" those cars the paint job will not be wrecked?... TL;DR... Video stupid, "stuff scratches"... but because Andriod was not test edit it is perfect... /sarcasm
one needs to look at the close up view of the fountain to Appreciate it. though, Having not seen it in person I can't say much.. (but i will...) but i have looked at a close-up photo that showed the fine detail on the fountain... Upon seeing that, I am amazed at the work that went into putting that detail on the fountain... thus is the reason Apple is saving it.
mr Fring... from breaking bad...the Article seems to suggest that Tim Cook is that Character... "strikes fear into his Employees" exactly what "Mr fring" did in the first episode of season 4 "Box Cutter"... (in Tim Cook's case, fear "the pen is mighter than the sword"... i.e. pink slip.)
ah, why did they not keep that title!!... an amazing headline!.
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