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I agree with this 100%. AppleInsider is being irresponsible by using that wording... "a new form of iOS malware"... as if there are many other forms?
 What can you not do on your non-jailbroken device? How much of that is pegged on the carrier, not the device or operating system? For example, my carrier has allowed tethering since day one (back in 2008), whereas many carriers still don't allow it without an extra charge or a long-term contract. Jailbreaking would get around that for those carriers, I agree.
My point was that there's no reason why YouTube needs to remain the dominant consumer-content platform. Today's it's the go-to place for video content. Tomorrow, it doesn't need to be.
Apple is in a position to completely redefine "television". With the correct wiring in place, the divide between traditional commercial content and consumer-created content can be closed. Imagine a world where "YouTube" is not a separate service, its capabilities are just part of your television like any other content source. Talk about a direct hit to Google where it hurts! Apple could deliver that to the hands and living rooms of millions of people, if they do it right.
Just wondering, are you a glass-half-full kinda person? Because I find those questions rather cynical in nature. It's always better (in my opinion) to believe in the good in people. From the little that I've read, someone that was violated by Dr. Dre, had the accusation heard, he pleaded no contest, settled out of court, has now come forward with that same incident again? Correct me if I'm wrong about that, but if the issue was closed, it should remain closed, not...
Yes, it's about growing wiser. We all make mistakes that we later regret. Do you want someone to hold one of your mistakes against you for the rest of your life, despite your best efforts to live a respectable, healthy life? I feel sorry for Dr. Dre having the past being dug up on him like this. And if he can stay true to him current path, without letting these skeletons mess with his head, then all the more respect for him.
Apple Insider really needs to replace this terrible form-article integration.... many of my comments get lost when posting from the article page.
Wow, really? Only 1 LAN port in this large device? OK, I withdraw my previous comment about applauding this device. I suppose that the LAN ports are used by only a small percentage of end-users in today's world, but really... how much would it cost to at least have 2 LAN ports?
As much as I detest Google's data-ingesting efforts when it comes to online activity, I do applaud their efforts to make a better user experience on several obvious fronts. From Google Fiber and now this well-designed future-proofed OnHub device, among others, they continue to keep my interest. However, I am moving my email away from them. :)
Not working in my Safari on OS X 10.10 either. And the substitute link doesn't work either. What gives, AI?
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