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I don't appreciate your tone. You don't know me and you don't have enough info to judge me. All I said was that I have a gut feeling about a change in Apple, a company that I have followed closely for 25 years. I don't need to reveal the specific missing feature to make my point. It's simply my gut feeling that a change is occurring, and yes, the dropping of a feature has directly impacted my work. Just because I am one individual doesn't make this feature any less...
 Not afraid, just didn't want to divert from the essence of the topic by getting too specific. I've already given up hope on the feature in question being restored to Pages. And yes, it was big enough (to us) to raise the issue directly with Tim, but only after months of sending feedback via the official Feedback form and getting nothing positive in return.
I have this nasty gut feeling that Tim is being mesmerized by sales numbers and dollar signs. The more successful (big!) they become, the less important us small people are. For example, I was very vocal to Apple through several channels, including directly to Tim's email address (very rare for me!), about a particular feature dropped from Pages 5.x, and yet had zero response. That small feature was HUGE in our world and use of Apple products, and yet Apple pushes forward...
Maybe I'm not familiar with the arrangement. Typically, if a company hires a security company, they don't have much say in who does that actual work. They don't interview the individuals like they would when hiring personnel directly. They can't say "we don't want him". That's all I meant by the red tape. Maybe I meant barriers to the ideal staff. :)
Smart move. Then they can fire anyone that doesn't meet their standards. No red tape in the way, and the potential for more secrecy control. Hard to do that when there's an intermediate company in the way managing the staff.
iOS 8 runs slower because it's doing much more. More features, more libraries to load, required support for more devices and now-larger displays.This story is pretty telling that Apple has planned their software and hardware platforms more thoroughly. Egg on Google's face.
You have that backwards. The Yellow Path requires _more_ verification than the Green Path, but some banks haven't yet implemented sufficient checks on the Yellow Path, so they are basically operating the Yellow Path as a semi-Green Path, making it easy for authentication to be completed with minimal verification.
Great use of verbs in the write-ups, too. - "create" - "make" - "can add" - "can help"   Really helps to illustrate that the iPhone is a tool fr passionate creation, not just consumption.
119,000 vs 27,000 is a huge gap. I do think it needs to be closed, but maybe the secret is lowering the high tech wages. Seriously, who needs $10k every month to have a nice life?
Great! Now I want a sub! Thanks AI, you just had to go and post this article, didn't you? :P
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