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Yah, I agree with that. I don't like how my white Apple accessories look less clean after extensive use, but that's just my own lack of discipline talking there. :) And I'm not a fan of how you must lift up the dock just to flip up the charger. It should be spring-loaded with a "click-click".
Every business and residence should have mandatory filtered rain reservoirs as a secondary source of water. Now is the time to capture that water and hold onto it for the future dry season.
Apple agrees with you, which is why they are not merging OS X and iOS (yet).
Apple does not owe you anything, except a refund. And to get their act together.
Wish List:   Female connector on pen, with a male-to-male adapter for those that prefer the male connector. I suppose a female-to-female adapter will work, too. If a male connector remains, then a non-detaching cap where the connector emerges with a graceful spring-loaded "click". A place to store the Pencil on the iPad itself. Magnetically? An eraser tip. Engraving/embossing option during ordering so that I can have my name on it.
I thought Leo Laporte had become anti-Apple over the years, so it's interesting to see him running a MacBreak Weekly show... unless the "Break" refers to smashing Macs on every episode? :P
Let's see... $529 CAD for a 64GB iPhone 6s, plus $80 per month on a 2-year plan that includes only 2GB of data. Currently, I'm paying $100 a month for my current plan using my iPhone 4, and that includes 6GB of data. So I end up paying close to the same for 1/3 of the data simply for the privilege of using the latest-generation phone? Hard pill to swallow....
That's true. The standard markup for retailer is 30% added to wholesale, so an average margin of 25% across all of Apple's products is not extreme. But I do call into question such accessories as $100 CAD for a new power adapter for my Mac simply because the MagSafe connector has frayed. The rest of the cord is perfectly fine, and yet I need to replace the whole thing because of Apple's poor design for that product? Why am I on the hook for paying Apple a 25% margin...
I'm in dire need of a new iPhone, but there's no way I'm going to pay the hefty prices being charged by my carrier, in addition to 24 more hefty payments after that. So my trusty iPhone 4 will need to hold on a while longer.
Is it technically "force" quitting like on the Mac, or a regular Quit command. I would hope that it's a regular quit so to give it a chance to do some housekeeping. Enquiring minds want to know.
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