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Who is their right mind at Adobe thought it was a good idea to colour the Flash Player installer a mysterious black colour?  
So where's a link to the video? Did I miss it?
 I like this approach, as well. I actually think that they should extend this policy to software updates in general. All apps automatically removed after a set number of days without any updates. That would cull a lot of garbage apps that are published simply to make a quick buck, but not backed by a committed developer. Of course, then the App Store may see an increase in trivial, artificial updates
I believe that Apple should've kept out of this one. I agree with the question "who decides what is offensive?" What happened is a tragedy, but responding to it just gives it more attention, and feeds those that have the opposite views of the majority.
I'm not sure if your comment was meant with a sarcastic tone. Maybe next time I should just keep my mouth shut. I was simply pointing out an ambiguous data format that I've seen Apple using more frequently lately, even as they have become an even more international company.
 Yes, it's obvious, but that wasn't my point, now was it?
They are claiming "Always On"... I wonder if Beats1 will be added to the iCloud Status page. hahahahaha
I really wish Apple would not use the silly American numeric date format 6.30.2015. Tell me which day this is.... 3.2.2015.
But all of the musicians were going to be paid by Apple, just starting after three months. How in the world does playing their music for three months break them? It would be as if Apple simply started the service three months later with three months of advertising their music... for free! It would not have negatively affected any of them... only positively! The people that whined about the three months are delusional.
So you link to an article from an anti-virus company, Kaspersky, to support your beliefs? Are you actually running anti-virus software on your Mac? Do you realize that every piece of software that you install becomes yet another attack vector? OS X doesn't need anti-virus software beyond what Apple is doing, when the computer is used with presence of mind, and common sense. Know your computer, don't blindly trust a third-party company to be looking out for your best...
New Posts  All Forums: