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Yes, but isn't iOS enjoying something like 80% of the App Store and Ad revenues in the larger mobile marketplace? That's a huge motivation for Google to get a larger percentage of its user base on to the latest OS, because that's where their own investment is.
Not a fan of those left-and-right arrow keys. I quite often use the reverse-T layout of the arrow keys on my existing MacBook Air to get my hands in place without needing to look at the keyboard.
ADSL may not have the huge pipe that cable offers, but it's a fast, dedicated line not affected by neighbours. Cable networks are neighbourhood networks. If you have internet via cable, you're buying into a congestion-prone internet connection.
Is the song being streamed over the internet, or is it stored locally? The lag for a streamed song is to be expected, depending on network conditions.
 Exactly indeed! They want to create curiosity about the product, not shove it down consumers throats. No wonder people are scared of technology when it's defined by specs and numbers and techno mumbo-jumbo. Apple is going for the opposite angle... transparent technology that integrate with your life, showing the life part first.
Same. This is a strong opinion piece that I disagree with. Who says that swiping up "force" quits the app? Where's the proof of that? I need to quit apps regularly to retain battery and performance on my iPhone 4.
And didn't Apple say that they designed their own timing controller? Why is it called the "Parade Technologies LCD timing controller"? Did they design it, but Parade made it? Is it a modified Parade controller?
I'm always wondering.... for such high-quality components as this new LG LCD screen producing amazing results, how much was Apple involved in the engineering? Is this 100% on LG to have done the work and Apple just sourced the panels, because there's no competitive advantage to that.
Well, close. Amazon plans to use these to deliver parcels in no-fly zones. /s
I have yet to I have yet to try out either Force Touch or 3D Touch, but I do believe they are slightly different from each other. Like cousins. Similar, but not identical. And then enter the Apple Pencil, which has many degrees of sensitivity. Is it getting confusing in here?
New Posts  All Forums: