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I think that hinge is cool. It's different, eye-catching. I tell you... if Apple came out with that, people here that are calling it ugly would see things in a very different light.
Not sure what you are referring to... 13" screen is plenty big enough (same as a MacBook, which runs MS Office just fine), and 267dpi would make for a very crisp screen. I'm no Microsoft fan, but your response does not match reality at all.
I'm impressed. Apple is losing its edge to these competitors. Light, thin, elegant.... no longer Apple-defining characteristics.
iFixit make a clear mistake. For that, I don't approve of their actions. It's a shame, because they had built up much respect. That's been tarnished for me now.
I think everyone that is against Apple's decision on this does not look at it from Apple's perspective. It's _their_ store. If users really want this information, there's obviously other ways to get it, so I approve Apple not supporting the distribution an app through their store (out of their pocket) for this. It would've been even worse if the app was for sale and Apple was making a profit from it. The app store is not the internet. It just is one venue that operates...
 Is the fingerprint sensor the only way to unlock an Android phone now, or does the traditional passcode still work? I think it's the latter so there is no "have to" with regards to the fingerprint sensor. But I wouldn't know because I'm Apple all the way, Not sure where you gleaned an assumption that I was anti-Apple?   That's what's odd here.
 Well, there *is* somewhere else to put it... on the screen itself. It is a transparent surface... the scanner could be just below it in some creative way. :)
 This is one of those "can't win" scenarios. If Google put the fingerprint sensor in the same place as iPhone, then everybody would claim they are copying. So they put it on the back and now it's "odd" to need to lift the phone to use it? Just set the "lock timeout" to be much longer and then you won't need to unlock it as often, right? I guess I just don't see the concern around its placement. I'm glad it's not the same as the iPhone.
   The fingerprint sensor on the back-middle is not a bad design, it's just different. If you hold the phone in your hand, it's easy to place one of your fingers onto it. Contrary, the iPhone's sensor is better suited for scanning the thumb when held in the hand, right? I'm just surprised that suddenly all of these iPhone competitors are getting fingerprint sensors with very little discussion around how secure they are? Apple made a big deal about how secure their scanner...
Neat. Now to plant more greenery.
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