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And the comma is in the wrong place in the title; it should be outside the quotation marks, after 'surprising', not inside. Rushed posts these days... the world is going down the drain, I say. :)
It's great seeing companies having a sense of fun and humour. :)
Checks the calendar to see if it's April 1st.   Nope. What the heck is this? iPod lock-in? It's 2014. Who's really behind this? Can't be consumers. Lawyers maybe?
Why? Apple has nothing to worry about. OS X is superior and people know it.
Cool. Not showing up for me yet. I had already installed the MacPorts version of bash, but it's good that Apple's version is being updated.
This is a fairly easy fix, and it's already available. I'm really surprised Apple hasn't taken this opportunity to distribute the fix more quickly to Macs as a sign that they are serious about security. With the recent bad press, this would've been an easy way for them to begin repairing their creditability in the eyes of those that have doubts.   EDIT: Just read @leichter's post about Apple not offering a "quick fix", and I agree with him. Since this is a not-so-serious...
 And in nearly every case, there have been counter-arguments. The keynote video problems and iOS 8.0.1 problems are the only two massively inexcusable incidents. The pre-order delays were due to MASSIVE demand that no company could logistically manage – 10 million strong. And if you want a 4 inch phone, Apple still sells one of those. Go buy one. :)
The responses to my comments are amusing. Why is everyone so defensive? Just watch the YouTube video. Raw proof that the iPhone 6 design is weak under uneven stresses. That has nothing to do with my standards. It's a fact. To balance that out, I recognize that the iPhone 6 stood up well to the very controlled 3-point tests done by Apple and Consumer Reports. But it fails miserably under uneven stresses. That's just my observation. I would still buy an iPhone 6. :)
How was the video debunked? Are you believing internet commenters over video evidence? Here is the video... it seems perfectly legit to me.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJ3Ds6uf0Yg I'm not saying this problem will affect a lot of people. I know that I treat my iPhone 4 with a great deal of respect. But the fact remains clear - the iPhone 6 structure seems to be weaker than it should be.
 Yes, I agree completely. The 3-point tests done by Apple and Consumer Reports (that have been shared publicly) are too controlled and unrealistic. They test structural strength in a very even manner. I now believe that the iPhone is lacking a single, cohesive internal "rigid frame" that would give it the strength that it needs.
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