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Agreed. I hope the trackpad always has a tactile 'click' to it. I actually preferred the dedicated button below the trackpad. I quite often second-guess myself when clicking the trackpad these days.
USB 3.1 Type-C definitely seems like a well-designed port. Let's just hope they have truly future-proofed it so we're not going through this again in 5 years. The constant changing of ports is so wasteful.   One must wonder where Lightning fits in all of this. Will it remain a proprietary port on iOS devices? I suspect so, unless USB 3.0 has the same validation tech built into it.
Why does this feel like a pre-Christmas commercial? Was it late to air?
And how many people lost their jobs due to "cost cutting"? This is disgusting.
 @mpantone... I need to ask... who pissed in your Cheerios this morning? Your posts are disturbingly negative.
If this is trueI would have some sympathy for you if you didn't start out by complaining that they didn't offer Black Friday discounts. Is it possible that the entitlement mentality that has overtaken the American population in the last two decades is forcing Apple to make some hard decisions about how the run *their* business? If your story is true, then I hope that Apple gives their head a shake, but I definitely won't be believing you until I see more proof.
In many Asian countries, including Philippines, there's a belief that anyone older than 30 will have a very difficult time finding jobs. Only young people get the jobs.
I'm not sure quite what to make of this. The reporter is painting the picture that Apple is forcing these people to work 60+ hours, but it's the factory managers, not Apple. If indeed this is true, then the factory is accountable to Apple, as well as the workers.   Are these workers really being _forced_ to work this many hours or are they choosing to in order to make as much money as possible? They are employed... why are they complaining? Biting the hand that feeds...
Canada finally went down to 2-year contracts instead of the bank-robbing 3-year contracts that they were on. Next up, carriers are required to reduce price plans after the device's value has been paid. Finally.   If anything, the carriers were at fault more than Apple.
It's so amusing watching this gong-show happening with Apple's competitors... haha!   Thank You Steve for creating an intelligent, competent company, while your competitors scramble for the scraps (of profits).
New Posts  All Forums: