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The new campaign is good, I think. I like it. It has spunk, attitude, confidence.
I think the web apps is the reason why the text box linking feature was dropped from the desktop app. They can't figure out how to make that work in a web-based app, so neither version gets it. Makes sense... web browsers just don't have that level of intelligence.... to flow text out of one arbitrary box and into another one. That one feature is what really tarnished my fan status for Apple.
Samsung never fails to disappoint. Copying once again...
I'm surprised that Apple hasn't blocked the latest version yet. Maybe they are waiting for a new release to come out first? Or maybe it's because Macs only check for updates once a day, and that update has already passed today?
A truly remarkable application that's true to the Mac.
 The holdup is the fees, guaranteed. Canadian banks are so greedy, continuing to increase fees while reporting record profits year after year. It's bat-shit crazy! Do you believe that it costs me... a sole proprietor, $200 for a business check book with 100 checks (spelled for our friendly US readers), and then when those checks are deposited, it costs even more money? Double-dipping! 
 PC Financial still doesn't support Interac Online or Interac eTransfers. I doubt they will be on board right away. CIBC would be far more likely. Remember where PC Financial is based through.... Great Canadian Superstore (at least on the West Coast), and who is their largest base of customers?.... that's right... people on welfare and low budgets. Hardly the market carrying around newer iPhones and Apple Watches. Even with two jobs, I can barely afford (actually, "not"...
What would make it better? You have numerous other options, including those from third-parties. Just find the one that suits your needs best. But I do agree that Apple is lacking in the ergonomics department. Split keyboards have been proven to be far better for the wrists, and yet we haven't seen one from Apple in 20 years. 
I wonder if people will feel dirty "turning the mouse over and plugging in a cable"... sounds invasive to the poor mouse's privacy!  
I agree with this.... to spend months on finding the ideal sound as the mouse is used, but then cripple its usability when charging? That's bizarre!
New Posts  All Forums: