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A private company is owned by someone. Who would own Apple?
AOL gives me the heebie-jeebies. I can't believe that company has survived this long.
And you'll be buying it for her, like a good boy(friend), right?  
 Oh boy, people are quick to reply without reading what they are replying to. I said that "Light, thin, elegant" were defined characteristics for Apple. I never said Apple sGah! I'm really tired of the abuse that I've been getting here. I share my *opinions* and 20 people need to tell me that I'm wrong?!? Can't you just focus on your own opinions without making personal attacks against other posters?  For the record, I'm comparing to the traditional PC laptop that was big,...
Well, considering that I registered at AppleInsider forums in 2004, that means that I would've been here, right here, for the last decade.  But I guess I haven't established my own reputation around here. I LOVE Apple products, but I'm not blind to the efforts of the competition. Someone here just claimed I'm sounding like a Fandroid, but those types say negative stuff about Apple. I'm not doing that. I think Apple's designs are great. I just think that the competition is...
I think that hinge is cool. It's different, eye-catching. I tell you... if Apple came out with that, people here that are calling it ugly would see things in a very different light.
Not sure what you are referring to... 13" screen is plenty big enough (same as a MacBook, which runs MS Office just fine), and 267dpi would make for a very crisp screen. I'm no Microsoft fan, but your response does not match reality at all.
I'm impressed. Apple is losing its edge to these competitors. Light, thin, elegant.... no longer Apple-defining characteristics.
iFixit make a clear mistake. For that, I don't approve of their actions. It's a shame, because they had built up much respect. That's been tarnished for me now.
I think everyone that is against Apple's decision on this does not look at it from Apple's perspective. It's _their_ store. If users really want this information, there's obviously other ways to get it, so I approve Apple not supporting the distribution an app through their store (out of their pocket) for this. It would've been even worse if the app was for sale and Apple was making a profit from it. The app store is not the internet. It just is one venue that operates...
New Posts  All Forums: