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 I'm not sure what hidden meaning is in your message, but I hope you do get the chance one day. You can be assured that Apple will be offering public tours of the new facility since it is a world landmark development. 
Same here in Canada. I think they were a bit too optimistic about how profitable iTunes Radio would actually be around the world, and changed directions with buying Beats. Come June, we'll probably see what the future iTunes Radio will be, and it will finally come to more countries.
This was inevitable... you know the programMatic operation of iAds.
That's one way to look at it. The other is that any form of research and development moves technology forward.
To read the file, just select it in Finder and then press the Spacebar to open up the Quick View window. There will be a lot of junk in there, but you can still see the URLs that are saved from each website.
Yah, before you go on a stampede, understand the situation. Android still has many "private" Google libraries. Plus, why does Android being open make it so much better, anyway? Has that made it a superior mobile operating system, better than iOS? No.
Yes, as others have alluded to, it's not just a matter of the OS, but there's many other factors that come into play with wireless technologies.There's now many generations of Wifi (802.11) that co-exist in an airspace. This creates a lot of interference that wireless devices need to negotiate around. There's many more devices that have wireless capability in the same airspace, again creating more need for negotiation and interference filtering. The quality of devices can...
Is the roof going to be solar panels? The black roof looks amazing in the rendering, and I hope the finished building looks just as amazing.
 For years, Apple has promoted Private Browsing as one of Safari's key features. They boasted about Safari being the first mainstream browser to offer such a feature. For this very basic oversight to exist for this many years is inexcusable. The whole point of Private Browsing is that _no_ data remains after the window is closed. That's clearly not the case. The "WebpageIcons.db" file is not encrypted or obfuscated in any way. Any third-party hack can extract the data for...
 You bought a television screen for $50,000?!?!?!? Must be nice to have money to burn... Takes me 3 years to make that kind of money.... ugh... I'm so poor.
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