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Colour me clueless because IMAP and Exchange (MAPI) are two different, albeit similar, protocols. Is there something that I'm not understanding about your setup? You either connect via IMAP or Exchange, not a mix of the two. Fill me in.
I still use a Firewire-400 external drive on my 2007 MacBook Pro. Works like a charm.
 I'm not sure if it's entirely clever. Now the market will be filled with USB-C connectors, some supporting only USB and some supporting Thunderbolt. It will be a mess.
Completely *not* made up story. Everything else you said is true, but the complexity of using and modifying the Home screen on Android seems to surpass the skill level of many users, whereas I've seen people with an equivalent comfort level using iOS without any difficulties.I don't need to defend iOS over Android. It does that on it's own.
This only serves to show that Android users need notifications just to find apps on their phone. I know people that ask me to send them an instant message just so that they can open that respective app. Without the notification, they have difficulty finding it in their Android mess.
 Also – this is huge – Apple purchased FoundationDB earlier this year... a high-performance key-value storage technology. I had just learned about FoundationDB the week prior to this news, and was saddened when I would no longer be able to employ it in my business. But for it to become a key element to a high-performance OS X and iOS makes me very excited. :)
 There are signs that Apple is adopting the use of JSON more and more, which is good. Apple also (very occasionally) implements binary representations of certain XML files, when the file can be large and performance is absolutely essential, such as the iTunes Library. I agree with you, and I hope that Apple developers really push performance and efficiency with 10.11 and iOS 9. When first developing the iPhone OS (which became iOS), employing strictness on file size and...
Here's a chill pill for you. When judging a company, there's many different facets. Technical reliability? Response time to installations and repair requests? Quality of customer service? Here in BC, Canada, TELUS is despised for having terrible phone support because they farm out to India, etc. But their technical service is usually just fine. I have used an ADSL reseller of TELUS for years without any problems, and enjoyed good customer support by dealing directly with...
 If the rumours are true, the next major releases of iOS and OS X will primarily be targeting performance and quality. I sure hope that's true, because that's what I've always respected about Apple... painstaking attention to detail. They are already the leader of pack... so let their competition continue to fight based on spec and feature sets, and let's have the best, most trusted and reliable platform for ourselves.
 How is it asinine? I have an iPhone 4, as well. I'm painfully aware that it's not up to the requirements of today's software. It's not asinine for one very clear reason — when iOS devices only had 512MB of RAM, everyone felt that 1GB would solve everything! Well, here we are at 1GB, and now everybody wants 2GB. Remind me again how my view is asinine? Maybe you think that 2GB is the sweet spot? I manage over a dozen servers online, and code my own software to run on those...
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